The hit series Doctor Who is set for a come back later in 2014. There will be a new doctor to lead the way, but there are still a lot of questions regarding the show that have yet to be answered. During the last season, we saw the old Doctor die before Clara convinced Gallifrey to provide a new dose of regenerations, meaning the Time Lord would get another 13 faces in the next 50 years. The first form of the doctor in the new series will be played by The Thick of It star Peter Capaldi. This will be his first full adventure on the show.

Currently, BBC is mum regarding the exact details of the upcoming series. As for the release of the show, it is expected to take place by the end of the summer, with both the Guardian citing an autumn release and director Ben Wheatley saying he hopes Doctor Who will go in July.  However, there are no confirmations yet and the final date could still change depending on filming.

There are a few details about the show that are already known. First of all, the adventure of Peter Capaldi is to be set in the Victorian London period. This means that there could be some appearances from the Doctor's loyal companions, including Clara Oswald. Other fan-favorites like Madam Vastra and Colonel Strax may also appear. There are also other villains to be featured, including the return of the Paternoster gang.

There are allegedly some new additions to the cast. Samuel Anderson, known for his role in Emmerdale, is set to come back as Danny Pink, a teacher at Coal Hill High School. There are also other top-notch guests to appear on the show. These include Keeley Hawes, who will come out for an episode as a powerful banker who has a dark secret. Robert Goodman, a familiar face from Game of Thrones, will also make an appearance in the fourth episode. Based on these details alone, it seems like Doctor Who's loyal viewers can expect a more exciting season.