After the release of the groupings for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, predictions have been made as to who could possibly bring the glory home this year. There were some speculations that Brazil would reign supreme considering its previous performance and also having a home court advantage. However, a lot of experts say that it is still far too early to tell. There will be several factors that could potentially affect the results such as the weather, injuries and momentum of each team.

For the quarterfinal matchups, it is expected that Italy and Brazil would go head on. With more experts playing for Brazil, it is more or less predicted to be a landslide victory. The creative talents behind Brazil's team are strong enough to stop Italy from moving forward at this point. France is also expected to battle it out against Germany, in which Germany's victory is almost guaranteed to be 100 percent. Uruguay might also go against Spain for the quarterfinals. It is important to note that Uruguay was the last country to have won the World Cup when it was held in Brazil. However, for this year, it is expected that they won't advance.

Argentina will also most likely go against Portugal. For many spectators, Portugal is considered to be a one-man team headed by Cristiano Ronaldo, although this is not necessarily true as there are other great players for the team and they will most likely end in the quarterfinals when they go against Argentina.

For the semifinals, Brazil will most likely take on Germany for the spot. Despite the home court advantage and great players fighting to take the match away Brazil's favor, Germany will likely still prevail based on the strength of their skill. The Spain versus Argentina semifinal matchup is also something to look forward to. Messi will most likely lead his team, but Xavi and company know how to stop Messi and they are expected to pull it out. The finals matchup will be between Germany and Spain. With Germany's strong defenders, they are said to be unstoppable.

As for ticket sale information for those who are interested in watching live, it is important to note that the tickets are selling really quickly, with prices varying for individual match tickets, domestic public and venue specific prices. Over 200,000 tickets have been sold just in the first 5 hours after the announcement.