The legendary Rosie Perez passed by The Wendy Williams Show to talk about her new memoir, Handbook for an Unpredictable Life. But Rosie revealed much more than just a tough childhood and her rise to stardom. Even Wendy was surprise to hear about how her anger problem fuelled her feud with Jennifer Lopez and the hook up between her good friend 2Pac and Madonna.

Rosie was very open about her days on Soul Train and the fight she got into with host Don Cornelius, which resulted in her leaving the show. Due to her troubling childhood, being a property of the state after being abandoned by her mother, Perez struggled with a pretty serious anger problem. "I was put on medication" Rosie admitted, saying that Chris Brown should look into his own anger issues, making it clear that she meant that in a concerned and good way.

Rosie did not want to give too much away but she did also get into the Jennifer Lopez feud. She wanted to explain that, being the woman who gave Jennifer Lopez her big break on In Living Color, (after seeing her "big butt") she blames herself for the misunderstanding. Perez tells Wendy that it wasn't that big of a deal as the media made it. She is proud of who Jennifer became and what happened between them was your regular girl fight, just a bad day.

But the big reveal must be the 2Pac story. Rosie and 2Pac were photographed together, holding hands, at the Soul Train Awards back in the early 90's. Rosie explains that she was actually stood up but another man in the industry that night and that 2Pac being a good friend came to her rescue on one condition. She reveals that 2Pac accepted to be her date as long as Rosie would "hook him up" with Madonna. So while the picture meant nothing, when asked if 2Pac indeed get to "meet" Madonna Rosie smirked and nodded yes!

So there you have it, Rosie left Soul Train after throwing a piece of chicken at Don Cornelius head, 2Pac slept with almost every girl in the industry and J.Lo and Rosie are in peace.

Watch the interview below.