Immigrant Rights Group Protest Secure Communities Program

New York Sheriff Refusing to Detain Immigrants Without Warrant

Long Island Suffolk County Sheriff Vincent F. De Marco issued a memorandum last week to all personnel not to hold an inmate "soley on an ICE detainer" unless Immigration and Customs Enforcement issued a warrant.

Wilmer Valderrama: Politicians Who Delayed Immigration Reform Will Feel Latino Community's Power During November Elections

Actor Wilmer Valderrama says that politicians are going to feel the power of the Latino community come November elections.
A conflict map showing the regions given semi-autonomy by Ukrainian parliament. Donetsk is in yellow and Luhansk is in blue.

Russia Applauds Ukrainian Decision on Rebel-Held Regions

Ukraine parliament grants some autonomy to eastern areas

Marina Silva to Push Cuba Toward Democracy, Work on Relationship With US if She Wins 2014 Brazil Presidential Race

A month ago, Marina Silva entered the race to become the president of Brazil, after the candidate from her Socialist Party was killed in a plane crash. Now the candidate, who is in a head-to-head race against the incumbent, has given her first foreign interview since joining the race.
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Chinese Government Hacked US Military Contractors

Senate investigators confirmed Wednesday that Chinese government-linked hackers infiltrated digital networks of private companies working for the U.S. military.
Former Republican Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce

Republican Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce Resigns After Saying Women On Medicaid Should Be Sterilized

Former Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce resigned from his position as the Arizona Republican Party's first vice chairman on Sunday after receiving a storm of criticism over his recent statements about sterilizing poor women.
Experts Weigh on Legality of Obama's Executive Actions Ahead of House Judicial Hearing

Voters Split on Congressional Candidates Supporting 'Path to Citizenship'

In a CBS News and New York Times survey, registered Republican voters overwhelmingly will not support a congressional candidate favoring a path to citizenship. Fifty-eight percent of registered Republicans are less likely to support such a candidate, while only 18 percent would be "more likely" to vote for the candidate.

Scotland Independence Poll, Vote & Referendum News 2014: Will Tally Be too Close to Call?

Scots will vote Thursday on independence from the U.K.
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Citizenship and Immigration Services to Naturalize Over 27,000 New Citizens

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services announced thousands of individuals will be declared citizens as the country commemorates its Constitution.
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Obamacare Citizenship, Immigration Status Issues Risk 115,000 Individual Health Insurance Plans Across 36 States

Across 36 states, 115,000 people could lose their health insurance provided by the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, due to issues pertaining to citizenship and immigration status.
New York City to offer direct service to Central American immigrant refugees at Immigration Court

New York City Offers Public Services Directly to Resettled Undocumented Central American Children

As Central America and Mexico celebrate their independence this week, New York City's Mayor offers direct services to unaccompanied children for education and health assistance.
Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce

Arizona GOP Candidates Distance Themselves From Sterilization Comments by Former State Senator Russell Pearce

Backlash has caused former Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce to resign as the Arizona Republican Party's first vice chair on the evening of Sunday, Sept. 14, after he made controversial remarks on his weekly radio show, shaming those who receive Medicaid assistance.
Jeanne Shaheen

New Hampshire Senate Election Poll Tied Between Scott Brown, Jeanne Shaheen as ISIS, Immigration Issues Develop

The difference between "likely voters" and "registered voters" may make the difference for the campaigns of Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen and her Republican opponent Scott Brown.
voting voter registration LULAC

Hispanic Heritage Month 2014: #PowerOfOurVote Urges Latinos to Register, Vote in November Midterm Elections

With the November midterm elections looming, a coalition of national Latino organizations has launched a campaign to expand the Latino electorate.
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Obama Administration 'Aggressive, Coordinated' on Immigration Numbers, Says US Customs and Border Patrol Commissioner

Commissioner Richard Gil Kerlikowske of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency reported on the situation at the southwest U.S. border, stating that the country's border "has been and remains more secure than it has been in decades."

CoverGirl Ad Gets Viral Makeover: Internet Protests Ray Rice Domestic Violence, NFL and Roger Goodell with Baltimore Ravens Model's Black Eye Photoshop

Facebook users turned the #gameface ad campaign into a political statement.
Westchester Festival Caters To Latino Immigrants

Coalition of 50 Hispanic Groups, Celebrities Pushing for Large Voter Turnout

Coalition of 50 Hispanic groups and celebs pushing for large voter turnout

Thomas Boggs Dead: Famous Lawyer, Lobbyist Dies at 73

Boggs was among Washington's most powerful lobbyists
Andrew Cuomo Chris Christie

NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo, NJ Gov. Chris Christie Start Bi-State Security Agencies to Improve Terrorism Coordination for Metropolitan Region

The governors of New Jersey and New York announced a multilateral partnership to improve "security preparedness and coordination" for the states' region as the threat of terrorism increased.

GM Recall & Ignition Flaw: Lawyer Says Issue is Responsible for 19 Deaths

GM says the issue was responsible for 13 deaths
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