Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez Signs onto NBC's 'Shades of Blue' and Closes out 'American Idol'

Can you imagine what Jennifer Lopez's calendar must look like? To say that the multi-talented singer is a multi-tasker would be an understatement.

'FRIDA KAHLO: Mexican Artist's 'Deep Connection to the Natural World' Showcased at The New York Botanical Garden [EXCLUSIVE]

Mexican artist Frida Kahlo was a creative genius, an intellect who was ahead of her time, a strong woman who was unabashedly herself and unafraid to show her true colors, her rawness and vulnerability with the world. Yet the same time, there was another piece to her beautifully complex artistic realm where the enlightened yet tormented muse intensely connected with the natural world. A place where plants and animals represented innovative scientific, worldly and personal themes and personal connections.
Robert Rodriguez and Robert Zemeckis

Robert Rodriguez Chats with 'Back to the Future' & 'Forrest Gump' Director Robert Zemeckis

El Rey Network Founder and Chairman Robert Rodriguez has explored many cinematic minds through "El Rey Network Presents: The Director's Chair," including famous filmmakers, John Carpenter, Francis Ford Coppola, Guillermo del Toro, Quentin Tarantino and Luz Valdez.
Cuban Artist Carlos Quintana

Cuban Artist Carlos Quintana's National Arts Club Exhibition 'Crosses Boundaries' [EXCLUSIVE]

Have you ever envisioned a place that never existed? One of Cuba's most prominent artists and the National Arts Club artist-in-residence, Carlos Quintana has -- and he's captured this bold and imaginative place on canvas through his first solo exhibition in New York called "Images of a Place that Never Existed." The exhibition will be on view to the public at the prestigious and historic gem, the The National Arts Club until May 30.
Helen F. Chavez, Widow of Cesar Chavez, Honors Women Farm Workers

Mother's Day Tribute: Helen F. Chavez, Widow of Cesar Chavez, Honors Women Farm Workers

Helen Chávez, a first generation Mexican-American, former labor activist for the United Farm Workers of America and wife of Mexican-American Latino Civil Rights activist, César Chávez knows firsthand the importance of mothers - after all she is a treasured mother to eight children. So on Mother's Day, Sunday May 10, not only should Chavez be honored, but she's paying it forward and recognizing the many strong women farm workers at Gerawan Farming -- many who are also mothers themselves.

BEHIND THE SCENES: 'Mad Max: Fury Road' Director George Miller's Thriller Wows with Spectacular Stunts

If you were able to look inside the mind of Oscar-winning Director George Miller, the creator behind the "Mad Max" franchise, you would be blown away.
Robert Rodriguez

Robert Rodriguez Launches El Rey Diversity Council Urging Hollywood to Fully Represent the 'Changing Face of America'

Renegade filmmaker Robert Rodriguez, a man on a mission behind the camera, is taking his vision and making it a part of the bigger picture through a diversity initiative aimed to bring more Latino talent to the forefront of the Entertainment industry.

SABOR: Director of Wines from Spain Katrin Naelapaa Shares her Top Summer Wines

If you have visited Spain, you can attest to its flavorful wines and tapas pairings and relish in its impressive varietals that seduce and reawaken your taste buds to savor la vida buena (the good life)
Grace Parra

'White Guy Talk Show' Host Grace Parra Brings Tongue-in-Cheek Humor & Diversity to Fuse (EXCLUSIVE)

For Grace Parra, a Houston, Texas born, Mexican-American comedian, writer, actor and co-host of Fuse's "White Guy Talk Show," there's no need to take yourself so seriously. Instead she wants America to lighten up and have some laughs when it comes to diversity, politics, immigration and religion -- because God knows life can be a drag if we don't use our sense of humor!
NYC Hot Sauce Expo Hall of Famer & Founder Chip Hearn

SABOR: Hot Sauce Expo Hall of Famer Chip Hearn Brings Latin Flavors to the U.S.

"I fell into a burning ring of fire, I went down, down, down as the flames went higher. And it burns, burns, burns. The ring of fire, the ring of fire." - Johnny Cash The legendary Johnny Cash knew a lot about fire and its blazing burn, but if he had the chance to attend this year's Third Annual New York City Hot Sauce Expo in Brooklyn, he'd most likely pen a new tune for the array of burning flavors that are worthy of a hit song.
The Billboard Latin Music Awards

Telemundo's Billboard Latin Music Awards 2015 Goes Mega Virtual with Instagram (WATCH LIVE STREAM)

Award-winning Latin artists will be turning up the talent and dressing to the nines to be red carpet ready for Telemundo's Billboard Latin Music Awards 2015 Thursday. In addition to the rhythm and beats, good looks and the all the fanfare, the talent will also be defying gravity.
DJ Chino

Billboard Latin Music Awards 2015 After Party: Pitbull's Official DJ Chino to Spin the Beats

This year, The Billboard Latin Music Awards is sure to wow with performances from top Latin artists, but the after party will be off the hook!
Cartoonist and Illustrator Felipe Galindo

Award-Wining Mexican Cartoonist Opens Up on 'Frida Kahlo's New York' Showcase, Charlie Hebdo Tragedy (EXCLUSIVE)

Can you imagine legendary Mexican artist Frida Kahlo walking through the streets of New York City, almost as if she was a vibrant Mexican painting that came to life - merging the past within a contemporary backdrop? Award-winning, Mexican-American cartoonist and illustrator Felipe Galindo/Feggo is bringing these illustrations to life with his "Frida Kahlo's New York" an exhibition at The Mark Miller Gallery this May.
Kinky's Lead Singer Gilberto

Mexican Electronic Band Kinky Talks 'Dynamic' Acoustic Album, Playing in NYC (EXCLUSIVE)

Latin Grammy nominated, electronic band Kinky, who hails from Monterrey, Mexico has been making cutting-edge and eccentric music since its inception in 1998. Now, the band is getting to the heart and soul of all of its albums and looking at its music with fresh eyes though its latest MTV Unplugged album.
Romeo Santos on TODAY

Dominican Singer Romeo Santos Becomes First Latin Artist to Sell Out Yankee Stadium Twice (VIDEO)

As a Bronx native, selling out Yankee Stadium twice has been a dream come true for "The King of Bachata" Romeo Santos -- and an admirable feat to his fellow native New Yorkers who know it's not always easy to make it in the Big Apple, let alone the world. On April 27, Santos fans were ecstatic to see The King of Bachata take over NYC yet again as he performed live on the TODAY Plaza on to kick off TODAY's weeklong Viva TODAY series.
Rita Moreno

BEHIND THE SCENES: Rita Moreno, Voice of Abuelita in 'Nina's World,' Praises Show's Fresh and Inclusive Approach

The legendary Rita Moreno talks with Latin Post about her latest role in the new original series "Nina's World," an animated spin-off of Sprout's "The Good Night Show," where she will play Abuelita, Nina's beloved grandmother who helps her navigate childhood and learn about her culture.
Chocolatier Maribel Lieberman

SABOR: Chocolatier Maribel Lieberman Pays Homage to her Native Honduras, Opens Cacao Market

Chocolatier and founder of MarieBelle New York (SoHo) Mariben Lieberman has a refined palate, a worldly perspective, and an extraordinary expertise in cacao as evidenced by her signature artisanal ganache, equisitely roasted coffee, and world-class Aztec Hot Chocolate.
Producer/multi-instrumentalist/arranger Tony Succar

Latin Tribute to Michael Jackson Debuts at No. 1 in U.S., Puerto Rico & Billboard List

If you are a Michael Jackson fan and you love salsa music, then you need to check out "Unity: The Latin Tribute to Michael Jackson," a new salsa-infused, kickstarter-funded album that features the King of Pop's iconic tunes.
Civil rights and labor leader Cesar Chavez

U.S. Navy Gives Cesar Chavez Funeral Honors 22 Years After His Death

When Civil rights and labor leader Cesar Chavez passed away - 22 years ago to this day -- he didn't receive full graveside honors from the U.S. Navy at his memorial in California, but because of a fellow Navy sailor the past will change.
Migguel Anggelo

Venezuela's Migguel Anggelo Teams Up with Director David Drake, Releases 'La Casa Azul' [EXCLUSIVE]

If you could bottle the charisma and the talent of Venezuelan-born singer, dancer, artist and storyteller Migguel Anggelo, you'd get a taste of what it's like to open your senses, relish in the beauty of your surroundings, and most importantly have a no-holds-barred approach towards sharing your craft with the world.
Gina Rodriguez

'Jane the Virgin' Star Gina Rodriguez Shows Off Salsa Moves, Rap Skills on TODAY [Video]

"Jane the Virgin" star Gina Rodriguez is on top of the world. The Golden Globe-winning actress who moved the audience to tears with her emotional acceptance speech, is making strides for Latinos on TV, making a movie with Mark Wahlberg and in real life, she's head over heels in love with her boyfriend and fellow actor Henri Esteve.

How Chilean-American Director Andrea Meller Follows the Lives of Latina Voice-Over Actresses Who Dub 'Desperate Housewives' in Spanish (EXCLUSIVE)

Ever imagine what life would be like to live on Wisteria Lane, the backdrop of ABC's "Desperate Housewives?" Ever imagine what it would be like if the entire cast was Latina? Emmy-nominated filmmaker Andrea Meller, whose parents emigrated from Santiago, Chile, did just that, capturing the behind-the-scenes story of the Latina voice-over actresses who dub "Desperate Housewives" in Spanish. Emmy-nominated, New York-born, L.A. based filmmaker Andrea Meller, whose parents emigrated from Santiago, Chile did -- and she used her artistic license to capture the true, behind-the-scenes story of the Latina voice-over actresses who dub "Desperate Housewives" in Spanish.
Bidi Bidi Banda

Selena Tribute Band to Honor 20th Anniversary of Singer's Death at Austin's Pachanga Latino Music Festival

On Saturday, May 16 Austin, Texas' first all-star Selena tribute band, Bidi Bidi Banda will honor the twentieth anniversary of the iconic singer Selena Quintanilla's death at The Pachanga Latino Music Festival held at Fiesta Gardens.
Chef Richard Sandoval

SABOR: Chef Richard Sandoval Shares Latin Fusion with the World, Preps for Opening of 'Latinicity' in Chicago

Renowned Chef Richard Sandoval has mastered modern and coastal Mexican, Latin-Asian, Peruvian and Pan-Latin cuisine by impacting the culinary world on a global scale with restaurants spanning from the U.S., Dubai, Mexico, Qatar, Serbia, China and Japan. His tremendous work ethic and drive is admirable and his passport would make anyone envious, but it's his big appetite to innovate that stands out from the rest -- and he's always hungry for more.
Jennifer Lopez as Selena Quintanilla

Jennifer Lopez to Honor Selena Quintanilla with Musical Tribute at the Billboard Latin Music Awards

Multi-faceted Jennifer Lopez has wowed audiences at the American Music Awards with her high-energy tribute to the iconic "Queen of Salsa," Celia Cruz in 2013 -- now she's paying homage to the beloved Tejana singer, Selena Quintanilla (whom she captured on the big screen in 1997) at the Billboard Latin Music Awards.
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