Android Devices Can Now Join FaceTime Calls With iOS 15: Here's How

Android Devices Can Now Join FaceTime Calls With iOS 15: Here's How

Android users can now join in on FaceTime video calls using their smartphones with the release of Apple's new iOS 15.
Top 5 Best Mid-Range Smartphones of 2020

Top 5 Best Mid-Range Smartphones of 2020

Looking for a powerful smartphone that comes within a reasonable budget? Check out these 5 mid-range smartphones on Amazon.
Blu Vivo 5 2016 CES

Budget Phone Maker Blu Takes on a Premium Look and Feel with the New All-Metal Blu Vivo 5

Introducing the all-metal Vivo 5 at CES 2016 this week, discount smartphone maker Blu just joined the premium crowd.
2015 Moto X Style

Moto X Style (Pure Edition) Hands-On Review: The Best Motorola's Offered Yet

With the new third-generation Moto X Style (or Pure Edition in the U.S.), Motorola has reached a new pinnacle of balancing hardware, design, flexibility, and solid performance.
HTC One A9 Event, BeBrilliant

HTC One A9: HTC's Turn to Core, Unlocked Android

HTC unveiled the first non-Nexus device to run Android 6.0 Marshmallow out of the box on Tuesday. With the HTC One A9, and its accompanying features, the struggling Taiwanese manufacturer is attempting to transform into a choice for the core Android user.
Motorola Moto G 3rd Generation, 2015

Third Gen. Moto G Hands On Review: Exactly What You Need (and More), at an Unbeatable Price

People naturally gravitate towards flagship phones for obvious reasons: they pack the best technology that's currently available, often come with unique features, and, of course, they're what everyone is talking about.
LG G4 Press shot

LG G4 Hands on Review: Is the Best Screen & Camera Combo This Side of Android Enough?

The LG G4 is by far the best device the company has ever made, with some very strong attributes and only a few half-baked aspects holding it back.
LG G Flex 2 Hero Shot

LG G Flex 2: The Smartphone That Stands Out by Design, Not Performance

We've gotten to the point in the smartphone industry where almost every phone is similarly stacked with pretty great hardware, and so just about any idea that sets a phone apart will find its way from the drafting table to reality, eventually. The LG G Flex 2, the second iteration of LG's curved smartphone line, is a prime example of this, and not entirely in a bad way.
Xperia Z4 Leaked Chassis

Sony Xperia Z4 Details Emerge, Release Date Before September 2015

Sony's changing things up with the release of its next-generation Xperia Z4 smartphone, and despite straying from its usual release schedule, the company has hinted that the phone will launch before September 2015.
Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6, Edge, and HTC One M9 Revealed: Premium Android Moves Toward iPhone, Away From Power Users

Two major Android flagship smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the HTC One M9, were unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain on Sunday. Arguably the two handsets that set the tone for the year's premium Android brands, HTC and Samsung's new devices together show a heavier influence from Apple than ever, and a shift away from longstanding features Android users have come to expect.
LG G3 Vigor

LG G3 Vigor Review: Nice Design, Decent Performance, and LTE Are Not Enough for the Mid-Tier Anymore

Ever since 2013 when it changed its device naming system and presented the LG G2 with its unique "rear key" volume rocker and power button, LG Electronics has been making a critical comeback with great devices like the Nexus 5 (for Google), the LG G Pad 8.3, and the LG G3.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Rumors: Curved Display Edge Variant on the Way

If the rumor mill is correct, then it looks like Samsung is developing an "Edge" variant of its upcoming Galaxy S6 flagship smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Rumors: Streamlined TouchWiz Interface In the Works, More Like the Nexus 6

Samsung's next-generation Galaxy S6 smartphones promises to bring a slew of new improvements to the table, including a much-waited for streamlining of the TouchWiz interface.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Rumors: Device to be Shown at CES 2015 before Spring Release

According to some Samsung insiders, the device will be shown off behind closed doors at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.
OnePlus One, one of the best smartphones in 2014

Year in Review: The 10 Best Smartphones of 2014

As we approach the countdown to New Year's 2015, here's our countdown of the top 10 smartphones launched in 2014.
Google Nexus 5

Is the Nexus 5 Dead? Popular Smartphone to Make it Through Q1 2015

Reports that Google would discontinue production Nexus 5 seem to have been slightly exaggerated.
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