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As a Bronx native, selling out Yankee Stadium twice has been a dream come true for "The King of Bachata" Romeo Santos -- and an admirable feat to his fellow native New Yorkers who know it's not always easy to make it in the Big Apple, let alone the world. On April 27, Santos fans were ecstatic to see The King of Bachata take over NYC yet again as he performed live on the TODAY Plaza on to kick off TODAY's weeklong Viva TODAY series.


Bachata singer and Aventura collaborator Lynx, otherwise known as Ralphy Mata, released his first album, "Dosis de Mí" on Nov. 25. Mata also shared his desire to change the traditional genre as a Latino millennial, as well as a heartfelt thank you letter to his fans with Latin Post.


Music involves commitment, passion and marketing, and the members of the band Bachata Heightz credit the unofficial "Spanglish" language for helping promote their sounds internationally.


While most bachata songs are typically about love and heartache, "Somos Uno," which was released Aug. 12, tackles a sensitive topic that's uncommon in the bachata genre.


Latin music superstar will be in movie.


Bachata giant Romeo Santos is on fire right now - not only is he leading the pack with 17 nominations in 14 categories for the Billboard Latin Music Awards, but he also brought the heat to one of ABC's most popular shows, "The Bachelor" with a performance in South Beach on last night's episode.

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