Bernie Sanders Admits He's Not Comfortable With Trump's Twitter Ban

Bernie Sanders Admits He's Not Comfortable With Trump's Twitter Ban

Senator Bernie Sanders and former President Donald Trump seemed to have found common ground on the issue of Trump's ban from Twitter.
A local televison reporter interviews Democratic 2020 U.S. presidential candidate Sanders

Political Analyst Horrified by Bernie Sanders' Spending Plan

Marc Thiessen from Fox News responds to the most controversial moments from the Democratic debate held in South Carolina.
Bernie Hispanics

Campaign Staffers and Volunteers Explain How Bernie Sanders Appeal to Latinos

Bernie Sanders tops among Latinos because he is the only Democratic presidential candidate who delivers promises into reality, according to campaign staff and volunteers.
Bernie Sanders is the Presidential Bet of Latinos in California, Recent Poll Says

Millenial Latinos in California Are More Likely to Vote for Bernie Sanders on 2020 Election

Bernie Sanders is a clear favorite among Latinos in California due to his pro-immigrant rhetoric and policies.
Latino voters crucial for Democrats

Latino Voters Still a Tough Code to Crack for Democrats

Democrat bets need to know how to gain the trust and support of Latino voters if they want to succeed in the 2020 elections.
Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders Camp Sees Latino Voters as Key in Victory

Bernie Sanders hopes to get support from the Latino community.
Greg Gianforte is in hot water during a tight race.

Heated Montana Congressional Race Comes To Blows

A contest for one seat in the House has injured a reporter and sent shockwaves through Washington.
Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Major Labor Union AFL-CIO Votes to Endorse Clinton for President

A federation comprising of 56 unions, representing more than 12 million members, have voted to endorse Hillary Clinton for president.
U.S. President Barack Obama

'I'm With Her': President Obama Endorses Hillary Clinton as 'Presumptive' Democratic Party's Presidential Nominee

It might have been an awkward meeting between President Barack Obama and Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., who met earlier on Thursday, only for Obama to later announce his support for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Claims Presumptive Democratic Presidential Nomination, But Bernie Sanders Fights On

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has claimed the presumptive presidential nominee for the Democratic Party on Tuesday night following
Bernie Sanders

California Democratic Presidential Primary Could Be Too Close to Call

The California presidential primary is on Tuesday, home to the largest number of pledged delegates at stake for either Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.
Hillary Clinton

Puerto Rico Primary Results: Democrats Vote Hillary Clinton But Far Lower Turnout Than 2008 Election

The results are slowly trickling in but it does appear Hillary Clinton will win her second Puerto Rico presidential primary.
Ted Cruz and Heidi Cruz

Indiana Primary Result Forces Ted Cruz to Abort Presidential Campaign While Trump Assumes Presumptive Nominee Status

The Indiana presidential primary provided some Latino groups a clearer picture of the general election as Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, suspended his campaign, which improves Donald Trump’s bid for the White House.
Ted Cruz

Polls Suggest Indiana Primary Results Tonight Could End Ted Cruz's Presidential Dreams

Indiana is home to 167,000 Latino eligible voters, and while not all of the electorate will turnout on Tuesday, the Indiana primary will still play a crucial role in Ted Cruz’s presidential aspirations.
Hillary Clinton is greeted by former president and husband Bill Clinton

Hillary Clinton, John Kasich Score Endorsement of the Largest US Latino Business Group

The U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC), the largest Hispanic business organization in the country, has officially endorsed Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Party's nomination and Ohio Gov. John Kasich for the GOP's ticket.
Hillary Clinton

Primary Results for Latest Super Tuesday Could Improve Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump Odds to Party Nominations

Primary Results for Latest Super Tuesday Could Improve Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump Odds to Party Nominations
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