Modified herpes virus helps scientists fight skin cancer

'Second Cancers' Threaten Health, Lives of Cancer Survivors

The rate of "second cancers" have been on the upswing for the past few decades, increasingly affecting the health and lives of cancer survivors, according to a new report.

Cancer Rates Among Latina Women on Rise, Studies Say

The latest studies show that Hispanic women are becoming more at risk to different types of cancers.
The human papillomavirus (HPV), the microbial that causes most cervical cancers, can significantly increase the risk of developing throat cancer, according to a new study published by the University o

Sexually Transmitted DNA Virus Can Lead to Cancer, But Vaccine Can Curb Likelihood of Cervical Cancer

The sexually transmitted DNA virus, which can lead to numerous types of cancer, especially cervical cancer, is called human papillomavirus virus (HPV), and totally preventable. Unfortunately, many people don't know that.

Latinas Diagnosed With Breast Cancer at Lower Rate, But More Dying From It

"Poder y Vida (Power and Life) Latina Initiative," launched by Susan G. Komen of Oregon & Southwest Washington, Kaiser Permanente Northwest and numerous other community organizations, was created with the intention of improving access to breast cancer screening.
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Tobacco & Cigarette Age Minimum: New York City Raises Age Restriction to Buy Cigarettes to 21

On May 18, New York City implemented a law signed by former Mayor Michael Bloomberg raising the minimum age to buy cigarettes from 18 to 21.
Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman Says He Battled Skin Cancer Again, Urges Others to Use Sunscreen

The actor shared the news on Instagram once again.

Attorneys General Call on Top U.S. Retailers to Ban Tobacco Products After CVS Anti-Smoking Policy

Following the heels of the decision by CVS Caremark Corp. to stop selling tobacco products, 28 U.S. attorneys general are pushing for the heads of five major retailers to do the same, according to "Fox News."
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Health Concerns influencing the US Hispanic Population

Fine points regarding Latino health has been revealed in multiple studies over the last number of years, and the public has become privy to information regarding conditions and diseases that most affect the Latino community.
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Hispanic Paradox: Latinos Live Longer When Facing Cancer

John Ruiz, Ph.D., assistant professor at the University of North Texas, Department of Psychology, headed new research which supports the existence of the pseudo-mythical "Hispanic paradox," a debatable phenomenon where poor Latinos experience health that's comparable or better than other ethnicities. The Journal of "Endocrinology and Metabolism" published a new study about poor minority patients being more likely to be diagnosed with late-stage thyroid cancer and living longer, which supports Ruiz's finding.
Gipsy Kings

Gipsy Kings, Draco Rosa & La Santa Cecilia Among Grammy Winners Who Represent Longevity, Cancer Survival and Immigration Reform

While Daft Punk, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and New Zealand teenager Lorde were among the winners who stole the show, the 56th annual Grammy Awards, there were also several notable and touching wins in the Latin categories.

Dangerous Radioactive Material was Stolen and Found in Mexico

Dangerous radioactive material, used in cancer-treating medicine, was stolen, along with the truck that was carrying the teletheraphy source containing cobalt-60. Tepojaco, a town in the central state of Hildago was the scene of the crime. The capital and six of Mexico's 31 states were put on alert on Dec. 3, and Mexican authorities were able to recover the material on Thursday of the same week, which had been abandoned in a field.
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F#ck Cancer!: Initiative to Use Young People and Social Media to Stomp Out Cancer

F#ck Cancer! is an ambitious campaign, and declaration, which hopes to put an end to cancer by inviting more people to join the fight. The movement was created with the intention of involving young people, and encouraging them to act against cancer, particularly breast cancer.

Robin Quivers Cancer 2013: Howard Stern Co-Host Says She's 'Cancer Free'

Today, Robin Quivers, co-host of "The Howard Stern Show" announced that she spent the past year battling cancer.

'Dancing With the Stars' Season 17 Cast Rumors: Valerie Harper, Cancer in Remission, May Join Show

Valerie Harper's cancer is reportedly in remission, and now, the star may even be a contestant in the next season of "Dancing with the Stars." The actress revealed the news in an hour-long special with NBC anchor, Meredith Vieira, which will air next month.

Leukemia Patient Denied Health Insurance Over 26 Cents

Sergio Branco nearly lost his life because of a 26 cent error that his insurance company refused to allow him to fix.
Panel Backs Screenings for Lung Cancer

Panel Recommends Lung Cancer Screenings for Smokers, Insurers to Pay

In an effort to combat one of the deadliest cancers in the world, a government task force is now recommending that patients get screened annually for lung cancer.
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