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New Hampshire Primary: Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders Dominate Voting Results

It was an early night for projecting the winners of New Hampshire's presidential primary election. On Tuesday night and through early Wednesday morning, the votes showed an easy win for Republican front-runner Donald Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.
Republican Candidates Debate In New Hampshire Days Before State's Primary

Marco Rubio Defends Repetitive Talking Points

Marco Rubio drew much criticism from media, politicians and voters alike for seemingly repeating his criticisms of President Barack Obama. He will continue to do it.
Republican presidential candidates (R-L) Ohio Governor John Kasich, Jeb Bush, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), Ben Carson, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) pose for photographers prior to the Fox News - Google GOP

GOP Debate Recap: Puerto Rico, Immigration Flip Flops in Final Debate Before Iowa Caucus

The final GOP debate before the Feb. 1 Iowa caucus kicked off on Thursday night and immigration became a heavy focus.
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Rubio, Bush Outspend Trump, Cruz, Clinton, Sanders Combined

Presidential campaigns and Super PACs are making the 2016 election season one of the most expensive contests of all time.
Christie Hammers Rubio Over Senate Experience, Attendandce

Christie Hammers Rubio Over Senate Experience, Attendance

Often dubbed "the world's greatest deliberative body," the U.S. Senate often functions like a high school, and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio is the kid who does not show up for class, GOP presidential hopeful Chris Christie quipped on Jan. 11.
Rubio, Christie Battle Each Other in N.H. TV Ads

Marco Rubio, Chris Christie Battle in New Hampshire TV Ads

Marco Rubio and Chris Christie have embarked on their own private television battle, as the two GOP presidential hopefuls try to make inroads in the crucial early primary state of New Hampshire.
Trump Goes After Clintons, Christie, 'Union Leader' Publisher

Trump Goes After Clintons, Christie, ' New Hampshire Union Leader'

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump kicked off the week by bashing his Democratic counterpart Hillary Clinton and her husband, his GOP rival Chris Christie, as well as the largest newspaper in New Hampshire.
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Marco Rubio 'Doesn't Know' US Refugee Process: Former Bush Counter-Terrorism Advisor

Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio has joined the call to not accept Syrian refugees.
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Chris Christie, Bobby Jindal Dominate Undercard GOP Debate, Attacks Hillary Clinton & Obama

The fourth Republican presidential debate focused on the economy and social services with four candidates who failed to reach the main debate criteria.
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GOP Debate Recap: Marco Rubio Shines as Republicans Attack Media & CNBC Moderators

Sen. Marco Rubio was front and center with nine Republican presidential candidates for the third GOP debate.
Caption:Republican presidential hopefuls Donald Trump (L) and Jeb Bush

GOP Debate: Donald Trump, Immigration, Iran Deal Take Center Stage

The second prime-time Republican presidential primary debate was dominated by GOP front-runner Donald Trump, Carly Fiorina, immigration and the Iran nuclear agreement.
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GOP Debate: 5 Things Latinos Should Know

The second Republican presidential primary debate is tonight, and the show could set new records for cable news. Two debates are set for Wednesday evening in California, where Latinos are the majority.
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Chris Christie Wants to Track Immigrants Like 'FedEx Packages'

Republican presidential hopeful and New Jersey governor Chris Christie made an unusual analogy to explain how he would combat undocumented immigration at a campaign stop over the weekend: Christie said he would track immigrants like FedEx packages.
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GOP Presidential Candidate Scott Walker Flip Flops on 14th Amendment's Birthright Citizenship

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, one of 17 Republican presidential candidates, reportedly flip-flopped on the growing topic of birthright citizenship.
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¿QUÉ DICES?: Latin Post Gets Reaction to First Republican Presidential Debate [Video]

In continuing our mission to amplify the voice of the Latino community, Latin Post captured the reactions, thoughts and opinions of people following the first Republican presidential debate, which occurred on Aug. 6, from Cleveland, Ohio. The GOP debate covered topics including immigration, the economy and jobs, the Islamic State militant group and electability.
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GOP Debate 2015 Reaction: Republicans, Democrats Name Winners and Losers of First GOP Debate

The first Republican presidential primary debate concluded, and while many GOP campaigns are claiming victory, everyone definitely has an opinion about the issues -- or the lack thereof - and the participating candidates.
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