Obama Signs Executive Order for Silicon Valley Cyberthreat sharing initiative

Obama Announces, Signs, Executive Order for Cyberthreat Cooperation with Silicon Valley

President Obama addressed major Silicon Valley players at Stanford University on Friday afternoon, as part of an official White House summit on cybersecurity and cooperation between the technology industry and the government.
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Obama's Call for Student and Consumer Data Protection Laws: Critics Already See Cracks

This week, President Obama called for new laws protecting Americans from the kind of massive data breaches that defined the consumer cybersecurity narrative in 2014, along with a proposal to limit technology companies' use of student data.
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Most Experts Expect a "Major Cyber Attack" in the Next Decade - Pew

Cybersecurity is an issue that's not going away, and according to a new report from the Pew Research Center, it's likely to only become more critical in the future. Surveying a number of Internet experts, Pew found a consensus that the next decade will be filled with more cyber attacks, with bigger consequences.

eBay Hacked: 145 Million Customers Affected by Data Breach; Company Urges Users to Change Passwords

Could be the biggest data breach in history.
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Most Common (Worst) Passwords of 2013: Are You Securing Your Data?

The annual most common (i.e., worst) passwords list has been released, and there's good news and bad: the most egregiously obvious password has been downgraded from the number one slot, but its replacement isn't that much better.

Target Data Breach: 6 Other Retailers Targeted For Credit Card Data Theft

You may have been the target of cybercrime if you shopped at brick-and-mortar Target stores during the Christmas shopping season. But you might also be in danger if you shopped in six other yet-unnamed retailers, according to a recent report.

Target Data Stolen: Identity Theft Breach Even Worse than First Thought

Mega retailer Target can't shake its 2013 holiday shopping season woes.

Target Shoppers Save Money After Retail Giant Offers Discount

This Holiday season hackers took aim at retail giant Target reportedly stealing more than 40 million user accounts over a two week period.
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