U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Diversity in Tech: U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to Discuss Solutions, Reveal New Report

Silicon Valley continues to struggle with its lack of diversity, but many firms are now funding initiatives, adjusting policy, and actively seeking solutions. Now, two years after Google began the trend, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is finally joining the conversation in an active way.
Diversity in Technology, Intel's historic $300 Million pledge for parity by 2020

Diversity in Tech: Intel CEO Details Internal 'Resistance' as Jackson Calls on Silicon Valley to Look Beyond the 'Pipeline'

Intel's CEO admitted the company had some internal resistance to his diversity goals, while Jesse Jackson wants to push for Silicon Valley diversity beyond just technology training and hiring.
Slack Technologies

Diversity in Tech: Slack Hires Engineer Who Quit Twitter Citing Lack of Diversity

The software engineer that publicly called out Twitter for its stifling, un-diverse leadership culture while leaving the company last year has a new job at Slack.

Social Media Sunday: Facebook's Wall Brawl, Reactions, Tumblr to Double Down on Mobile

It's time for Social Media Sunday!
HP Elite x2

Diversity in Tech: HP Praised After Appointing Aida Alvarez to Board of Directors

This week HP announced the appointment of former Small Business Administrator chief Aida Alvarez to its board of directors, a decision that has drawn much praise from diversity advocates around the country.
Slack Technologies

Diversity in Tech: Slack's Second Diversity Report Shows More Rapid Progress Than Most of Silicon Valley

Despite posting some industry standard-setting statistics, like the majority of Silicon Valley companies, Slack admits it still has a long way to go.
CEO Brian Krzanich Delivers Intel Keynote at CES 2016, Diversity in Tech

Diversity in Tech: Intel's Diversity Report Shows Imperfect Progress, Sets a Standard for Depth and Transparency

Intel is one of the cornerstones of Silicon Valley, which famously has a diversity problem. Intel, not surprisingly, is not very diverse. But the company has been pushing for action on diversity, and its latest report -- though showing halting progress within its own workforce -- is setting a standard for the industry with its depth and transparency.
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Diversity in STEM: Obama Announces $4 Billion 'Computer Science for All' Initiative

Over the weekend, President Obama announced he was pledging $4 billion in funding to boost computer science education in the nation's schools as part of the Computer Science for All Initiative.

Diversity in Tech: Dropbox's 2015 Report Shows Bits of Progress Among Mostly Static Figures

Dropbox finally dropped its diversity report for 2015, and like many other Silicon Valley companies, it shows that the company has slightly improved in some aspects, while declining in others. Here are the details.
Facebook HQ

Diversity in Tech: Facebook Taps the NFL's Playbook to Increase Diversity in Hiring

Facebook latest diversity innovation, one that's beginning to show results, was borrowed from professional football.
Apple launches massive two-week (RED) campaign

Apple Rejects Latino Shareholder's Proposal to Increase Diversity Among Senior Management

This weekend Apple released the company's latest diversity report, showing progress in its U.S. workforce -- but only by tiny margins. Meanwhile, the company's board of directors has rejected one Latino shareholder's proposal to accelerate change in the upper ranks of Apple, Inc.

Pinterest Hires Diversity Chief, Sets Example for Smaller Tech Firms

Pinterest, one of the original unicorn startups of Silicon Valley, made a move towards improving diversity at its company on Wednesday, by announcing it had hired its own diversity chief.
CEO Brian Krzanich Delivers Intel Keynote at CES 2016, Diversity in Tech

In CES 2016 Keynote, Intel Shows How it Continues Leading in Diversity

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich took the stage at the Consumer Electronics Show on Tuesday night to deliver the company's keynote speech, which included an impressive update on the company's progress on diversity.
Apple CEO Tim Cook

Apple's Investors, SEC Could Push Company for More Diverse Executive Leadership

Apple could be forced by its investors to accelerate the recruitment of minority candidates for the company's highest levels of leadership, if a motion proposed by a Latino shareholder is voted on and passed. However, Apple may not allow the vote, as the company is pushing back against the call for more diversity in its top ranks.
intel ceo Brian Krzanich

Diversity in Tech: Intel Shows Small Signs of Progress Six Months into #Parity2020 Pledge

This year at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Intel made a historic pledge to reach full representation of minorities in its company in the next five years, better known as #Parity2020.
STEM 2015 Latino Graduates rate Up

Diversity in Tech: 2015 STEM Index Indicates Positive Trends for Minorities in STEM, But Race, Gender Gap Worsens

New data from the 2015 STEM Index, the second-annual study of growth in STEM jobs, careers and educational pathways carried out by U.S. News/Raytheon shows Silicon Valley's lack of diversity is still rooted in education, as the gender and racial gaps in STEM fields have widened since last year.
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