Sotomayor puts hold on  gay marriage in Kansas

Voters' Aversion to Latino Surnames Impacts Judicial Diversity: Report

There's a lack of diversity among judges in the federal judiciary, according to new research. Only two-thirds of Latino justices have won re-election campaigns since 2000, compared to 90 percent of white justices. This is partially due to voters' aversion to Latino surnames.
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INCLUSV Diversity Data on Democratic Candidates Forgets Prominent Latina on O'Malley Campaign

Based on filings to the Federal Election Commission (FEC), the diversity rate among the Democrats presidential campaigns lack diversity, according to an organization focused on bridging talent and people of color.
Sen. Marco Rubio Believes Being Gay Is Not a Choice

'Face the Nation' and Other English-Language Sunday Shows Lack Hispanic Representation: Study

English-language Sunday shows lack Hispanic representation, and when Hispanics guests are invited, immigration is the sole topic they're asked to discuss. But Spanish-language Sunday broadcasts aren't much better.
Diversity in Technology, Intel's historic $300 Million pledge for parity by 2020

Leading the Charge for Diversity in Silicon Valley, Intel Creates $125 M Investment Fund for Minority-led Startups

When it comes to reshaping Silicon Valley to be more inclusive and better reflect the makeup of the rest of the country, Intel is leading the way again.
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Sen. Bob Menendez Releases Corporate Diversity Survey, Says Latinos 'Grossly Underrepresented'

In an effort to expand diversity, U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez, D-N.J., released his report about corporate America's diversity. "We all deserve a seat at the table," wrote Menendez.

Why Aren't There More Female & Minority TV Writers? Writers Guild of America, West Explains 'Unlevel Playing Field'

What is the state of diversity in writing for television within the entertainment industry? That's a question that The Writers Guild of America, West asked and sought answers in its latest findings in 2015 TV Staffing Brief.
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Diversity in Tech: So Few Minority Tech Executives, You Can Count Them on Two Hands — Rainbow PUSH Study

This year we've learned a lot about the tech industry's employee diversity, or lack thereof. Now, a new survey by the Rev. Jesse Jackson's Rainbow PUSH Coalition reports that at the top levels of Silicon Valley companies, even fewer minorities can be found than elsewhere.
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Ethnic Minorities and Female Executives More Likely to Be Penalized than White Males for Fostering Diversity

Women and ethnic minorities outnumber white males by a two-to-one margin in the U.S. workplace. Among executive ranks, however, women and ethnic minorities are underrepresented, according to the Academy of Management.
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Diversity in the Workplace: NPR's Latino Employees, Audience Statistics Below US Population Average

National Public Radio's employee ethnicity rate is nearly identical to their listenership statistics. NPR Ombudsman Edward Schumacher-Matos disclosed the company's ethnicity data following criticism of the cancellation of its diversity-focused talk show "Tell Me More."
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Diversity in Tech: Latino Startup Alliance, Black Girls Code Launching STEM Program for Latinas

The lack of diversity in Silicon Valley has been a recent topic of concern, as large tech companies Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn and, most recently, Facebook release not-so-stellar diversity statistics. One thing has become clear from the recent influx of diversity reports from these companies (each of which deserves credit for at least starting the conversation): White men rule Silicon Valley.
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Diversity in Tech: Facebook Publishes Diversity Report & White Men Lead Senior Levels of Social Network Company

Following in the footsteps of Google, Yahoo and LinkedIn, social network Facebook released its diversity statistics report, and it also continues the excessive white male employee trend.

Diversity in Tech: LinkedIn's Workforce Report Continues White Male Trend Ahead of Women, Other Ethnicities

Men dominate the tech industry. That isn't new. LinkedIn's workforce diversity report further proved the gender and ethnicity imbalance.
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Diversity in Tech: Yahoo Releases Workforce Statistics: Latino Representation in Single Digits

Yahoo self-published their workplace diversity figures and revealed Latino representation is in single-digit figures.

Google Diversity Report: US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce 'Commends' Google for First Steps Toward Greater Diversity in Its Workforce

Google's workforce is largely male and white. The aforementioned fact triggered mixed signals from diverse organizations, such as the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.
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Google Comes Clean on Lack of Diversity, NHMC Calls on More to Do the Same

Google released information about the diversity of its workforce, and the news isn't very positive. Most of the giant company's workforce is made up of white men. There is a positive side to the story though, as Google is at least acknowledging the problem with full transparency, which the National Hispanic Media Coalition says is the first step towards an "honest conversation" about the lack of diversity in tech.
Lance Rios

Lance Rios of Being Latino, DigiBunch and Hispanicize Shares the Secrets of Marketing to Latinos

"Monolithic community" is not a phrase that describes the wide-spanning and vibrant Latino community. Latinos hail from many different countries and regions, representing different age groups, religions and understandings. Lance Rios, the president and founder of DigiBunch, company partner at Hispanicize and president and founder of Being Latino, recognizes that there isn't one product that appeals to all Latinos, all of the time.
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