Emoji on Apple, diversity

Apple To Fix Tech's Diversity Problem... in Emoji: Will It Add Latinos Too?

Apple has said it wants to add more ethnic diversity to the little cartoon characters, called emoji, available to iPhone and Mac computer users. The characters, which are like graphically-enhanced emoticons originated from Japan and, while the graphic icons often many things from Japanese culture, there are no emoji Latinos or Black people.

Rev. Jesse Jackson Calls Silicon Valley Out for Lack of Diversity

On Wednesday, Rev. Jesse Jackson decided to call attention to the tech industry's diversity problem by writing an open letter to Silicon Valley giants and leading a delegation to Hewlett-Packard's shareholders meeting.
fcc tom wheeler net neutrality

FCC Rule Changes, Reexamining Media Ownership, Applauded by Latino Group

The recent row over the Federal Communications Commission's Open Internet rules, and net neutrality in general, isn't the only thing going on in the world of cable and its government regulator. Recent regulatory changes signaled by FCC chairman Tom Wheeler have been positive signs beyond the Open Internet kerfuffle, and a Latino watchdog is happy.
Melissa's American Girl Petition

10-Year-Old Petitions American Girl to Make Disabled Doll

Despite grandiose sales numbers, no American Girl doll has ever been disabled. Young, but fearless, ten-year-old Melissa wants to change that.

Did Bill de Blasio's Diversity and Better Spanish Accent Than Bloomberg's Aid in his Latino Appeal?

Bill de Blasio brings a diverse, bi-racial family, improved Spanish-language speaking skills and a strong stance against the unpopular NYPD "stop-and-frisk" policy.
Horatio Sanz

'SNL' Has Failed Latinas with the Lack of a Latina Regular Cast Member

"Saturday Night Live," who continues to receive admonishment for their lack of female cast members, is receiving a second round of tongue lashings after it has been realized that the show has never, not once, had a Latina as a regular cast member. And, it has only held one Latino as a regular cast member on the long-running show.
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