Activist Dolores Huerta Leads Fundraising For Families Affected by COVID-19 On Her 90th Birthday

Activist Dolores Huerta Leads Fundraising For Families Affected by COVID-19 On Her 90th Birthday

Labor leader and activist Dolores Huerta turned 90 on Friday and she celebrates her birthday by announcing a fundraising campaign for communities directly impacted by COVID-19.

Donald Trump Presidential Campaign One Year Later: Civil Rights Icon Dolores Huerta, Actress Alicia Machado Describes the 'Year of Hate'

Donald Trump Presidential Campaign One Year Later: Civil Rights Legend Dolores Huerta, former Miss Universe Alicia Machado Alicia Machado
President Obama introduces Judge Merrick Garland

Latino Leaders Argue Senate Blocking Merrick Garland's SCOTUS Process Impacts Latino Community

Latino lawmakers, advocates and legal groups have welcomed President Barack Obama’s Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland and called on Congress for a fair nomination process.
Hillary Clinton

Latino Leaders Hammer on Bernie Sanders' Immigration Record

Ahead of Saturday’s Nevada caucus, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton received the endorsements of prominent Latino leaders, who also hammered on Bernie Sanders’ immigration track record.
Carlos Lopez-Cantera

Republican Latino Senate Candidate Responds to Celebrities' Anti-GOP Letter to Latino Community

Florida Lieutenant Governor Carlos Lopez-Cantera wrote a letter to the Latino community in response to celebrities and advocates warning the electorate about the GOP.
Dolores Huerta

Op-Ed: Latinas Have the Most to Lose Under Republican President

Latinas Have the Most to Lose Under Republican PresidentWe've heard a lot about the GOP War on Women and the GOP War on Latinos, but we haven't spent enough time focusing on the intersection of these groups: Latinas.
GOP Republican debate

Latino Leaders Rally Against Hateful Campaign Rhetoric Ahead GOP Debate

Ahead of Tuesday evening’s Republican presidential debate, Latino advocates and groups are further dissecting the GOP’s “extreme” and “hateful” rhetoric on the campaign trail.
delano grapes strikes Cesar Chavez Foundation.

Delano Grape Strike: 50th Anniversary of Historic Labor Rights Movement

Labor rights advocates are honoring the 50th anniversary of the Delano Grape Strike in California, where Latino and Filipino farm workers united and called for improved working environments.
Taína Caragol smithsonian National Portrait Gallery

Engaging Latinos Through Art: Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery Latino Art Curator Taína Caragol

As the curator of Latino art and history at the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery, Taína Caragol has been shining a spotlight on the contributions of U.S. Latinos in American history and links the historical interactions between Latin America and the U.S. through the 19th Century to the present.
Scott Walker

Progressive Groups, Civil Rights Icon Dolores Huerta Takes Aim at 'Terrible' Gov. Scott Walker

With Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker set to speak at the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) in San Diego, a progressive organization and a civil rights icon have voiced the Republican presidential candidate’s stance on immigration and the Latino community.

Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery Launches 'One Life: Dolores Huerta' Honoring the Civil Rights Icon

The Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery launched its latest exhibition, and it features civil and human rights icon Dolores Huerta. The "One Life: Dolores Huerta" exhibition opened on July 3 in Washington, D.C.,

Dolores Huerta: Latinos Will Be The 2016 Election 'Deciders'; Analyzes GOP Candidates

"I believe the Latino community can be the 'deciders' and we saw that happen in the 2008 election and the 2012 election," said Huerta.

TURNOUT: Civil Rights Activist Dolores Huerta: Latinos Will Be The 'Deciders' in 2016 Election, Analyzes GOP Candidates

Regarded as "one of America's great labor and civil rights icons," Dolores Huerta has dedicated her life to advocating labor and civil rights, and her work continues as the Latino electorate brave the 2016 presidential election season.
Michael Peña as Cesar Chavez

Cesar Chavez Foundation Extends Its Reach Beyond the Fields to Offer Affordable Housing, Educational Radio and Academic Support

"My father believed that workers just aren't workers. He knew that at the workplace, there was a whole set of problems that workers had -- working conditions, benefits, immigration reform and lobbying. "But he also understood that when home, after a hard work in the fields, pesticide exposure, they went home to face a whole set of problems, the lack of affordable housing health care for children and educational opportunities," Paul Chavez, the son of Cesar Chavez and President and chairman of the Cesar Chavez Foundation told the Latin Post.
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