Ronaldo the Hero

Ballon d'Or 2017 Predictions: Cristiano Ronaldo Undergoes Hero's Journey Into True Leader During Euro 2016

Cristiano Ronaldo had a true hero arc during the course of the 2016 Euro, Hollywood Style.
Euro 2016

Euro 2016 Golden Ball Predictions: Andres Iniesta, Gareth Bale, Cristiano Ronaldo Among Top Stars of Tournament

Soccer is a team sport, but as is the case with other team sports, viewers and fans are looking for that single individual that sparks his or her team to greatness. The Euro 2016 has seen its slew of top stars really carrying their squads through the tough opening round and into the quarterfinals where the pressure will mount on them. Which players made their mark in the opening round?

Euro 2016 Predictions: Ranking the Top Contenders of Round of 16 Including Spain, Italy, Germany & France

Who are the top contenders of the Euro 2016?

Euro 2016 Analysis: Cristiano Ronaldo's Clutch Performance Vs. Hungary Proves Why He is One of the Best of All Time

Ronaldo proved once more why he is one of the best of all time with a clutch performance for Portugal.

Why Cristiano Ronaldo Will Have Big Euro 2016 Game Against Hungary

Ronaldo will be okay if history is any indication.
Ronaldo - Portugal

Euro 2016 Prediction - Group F: Ballon d'Or Contender Cristiano Ronaldo Looks For Big Tournament As He Exits Prime

In arguably the least remarkable group of the Euro 2016, one player reigns supreme over the remaining squad.
Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Zlatan Ibrahimovic & Sweden Have Tough Task vs. Italy, Belgium in Euro 2016 Group E Predictions

The Group of Death is usually the one most viewers get excited about in a major tournament. Group E fits that bill at this year's Euro competition. The contestants include Belgium, Italy, Ireland and Sweden, all teams more than capable of making a long run in the tournament.
Iker Casillas

Defending Champions Spain Are Favorites But Poor Form Could Doom Them in Euro 2016 Group D

From 2008-2012, Spain was the best team in the world. Then 2014 happened and the team was not only knocked off its throne, but utterly humiliated. La Furia Roja will look to regain its dignity and perhaps its crown in the Euro 2016 as it tries to make history and win the tournament for a third straight time. But Group D poses a very real struggle for Spain as it is one of the toughest groups of the tournament. Spain will see threats from the Czech Republic, Turkey and Croatia.

Here's Why Germany and Poland Look to Be Favorites in Euro 2016 Group C Play

Group C is shaping up to be one of the more hotly contested groups in the Euro 2016 tournament with the heavy front runners playing against a few teams that could surprise.
Gareth Bale

Euro 2016's Group B Could Be Gareth Bale's Chance to Shine Against England and Russia

Group B of the 2016 Euro is undeniably one of the more fascinating to keep an eye on with four teams capable of getting out of the group and making it to the knockout stages. In fact, as it stands, this group has no bonafide favorite, which should make for some interesting drama.

France is Favorite to Top Romania, Albania, Switzerland in Euro 2016 Group A

The Euro 2016 gets underway in less that one month. On June 10, France will kick off the tournament at home against Romania in Group A, starting its quest to claim its first major trophy since 2000. Group A is an interesting group featuring one clearcut favorite, two sides with decent chances of moving on and one team that could surprise if everything falls right.
France National team

Euro 2016 Predictions: France Will Be Champions on Home Soil

France will win the Euro 2016 on its home turf. Here are some reasons why.
Gareth Bale

Euro 2016: Five Teams Make Tournament Debut; Can Gareth Bale Lead Wales Deep?

When it was announced a few years back that the Euro 2016 would be expanded to 24 teams instead of the 16 of previous years, there was anticipation that this would allow for "lesser" European sides to get into the tournament.
Vicente del Bosque

Spain vs. Luxembourg UEFA Euro Cup Qualifiers - Stream, Preview, Predictions, Lineups, Schedule

Spain will look to qualify for the Euro 2016 when it takes on Luxembourg on Friday.
Iker Casillas has had a rough 24 months. Is his time as Spain's number one at an end?

Euro 2016: Should Iker Casillas or David De Gea Start Against Ukraine?

Will this be Iker Casillas' final stand?
Who's The Best Player of the Year Not Named Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi?

Best of Soccer in 2014: Who's The Best Player of the Year Not Named Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi?

Anytime that the idea of best player in the world is brought up the list starts and ends with two names - Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. When looking at 2014, picking the top player between Messi and Ronaldo seems like a futile and uninteresting task. So instead, Latin's David Salazar and Edwin Molina, as part of our Best of Soccer in 2014 feature series, are looking at players not named Ronaldo or Messi, who deserve some credit in 2014.
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