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From 'Good Step' to 'Power Grab': Tearful Obama's Gun Executive Action Draws Partisan Reactions

Following President Barack Obama’s executive action announcement on gun reforms, the response, as expected, fell on partisan lines.
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Two Dozen Senate Democrats Urge Executive Action to Reduce Gun Violence

Two dozen U.S. senators have called on President Barack Obama to issue an executive order to reduce gun violence.

Hispanic Leadership Agenda: Court 'Heartless' for Blocking DAPA, DACA

Hispanic Leadership Agenda: Fifth Circuit Court 'Heartless' for Blocking Obama's DAPA, DACA
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Fifth Circuit Appeals Court Upholds DAPA, DACA Expansion Injunction

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit ruled to uphold the decision to block President Barack Obama’s 2014 deferred action programs, affecting nearly 4.9 million eligible undocumented immigrants.
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DACA, DAPA Lawsuit Judge Decides Against Contempt Charges on Obama Administration

President Barack Obama's November 2014 immigration executive actions, which expanded his deferred action programs, are still questioned by courts, and his administration narrowly missed contempt charges for helping undocumented immigrants.
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Immigration Reform Legislation Not Happening in 114th Congress, Says Senate Leader Mitch McConnell

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said immigration reform legislation will not be discussed during the current 114th Congress.
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TURNOUT: Latino Vote 'More Critical, Decisive Than Ever,' Says National Hispanic Leadership Agenda Chair Hector Sanchez

The chairman of a coalition encompassing 39 leading national and regional Latino organizations said the Latino vote will play a more influential role in the presidential election race.
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Fifth Circuit Court's DACA, DAPA Hearing Attracts Immigrant Rights Leaders, Protesters

Immigrant rights advocates are set to make their presence known in New Orleans as the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court hears arguments on President Barack Obama's deferred action programs' legality.
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Congressman Joe Heck: What Latinos Need to Know About GOP Candidate Seeking Harry Reid's Senate Seat

For U.S. Latino registered voters, the top issues include education, economy and immigration, and for Latino Nevadans, the next elected official with a complimentary track record. One politician who will engage for the Latino vote is Rep. Joseph Heck, R-Nevada, who confirmed his Senate bid to succeed Democratic Sen. Harry Reid’s seat.
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Jeb Bush Talks Cuba Policy, Immigration Protestors, and Hillary Clinton in Candidacy Announcement Speech

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush officially announced his candidacy for president of the United States (U.S.) on late Monday afternoon. From Miami-Dade College, Bush said America's prosperity and security are "at a balance" and immediately took a shot at the current administration and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.
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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Signs 'Comprehensive' Border Security Legislation, More Border Troopers Coming

From the Department of Public Safety’s (DPS) Regional Headquarters in Houston, Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed a "comprehensive" border security legislation, which will include the hires of 250 additional border troops.
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'We Will Fight and Defend' DACA, DAPA, Says DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson

"I believe we will prevail," said U.S. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson about implementing the deferred action programs temporarily blocked due to a court order.

TURNOUT: Civil Rights Activist Dolores Huerta: Latinos Will Be The 'Deciders' in 2016 Election, Analyzes GOP Candidates

Regarded as "one of America's great labor and civil rights icons," Dolores Huerta has dedicated her life to advocating labor and civil rights, and her work continues as the Latino electorate brave the 2016 presidential election season.
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'Don't Give Up,' Says Rep. Luis Gutierrez, Blasts Texas GOP Leaders for DACA, DAPA Lawsuit

Texas has received more attention during the immigration reform debate. The Lone Star State encountered an influx of undocumented immigrant minors last summer, and its current governor and attorney general has been leading the efforts to halt the implementation of President Barack Obama’s deferred action programs. U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez, during an address on the House of Representatives floor on June 3, made Texas his focus.
DREAMers Allowed to Pay In-State Tuition, Arizona Judge Rules

Immigrant Rights Advocates Disappointed But Not Deterred by Appeals Court's DACA, DAPA Ruling

Despite the legal setback in President Barack Obama's immigration executive actions, immigrant rights advocates have remained confident that millions of undocumented immigrants will soon apply for deferred action.
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Latinos, Immigrant Rights Advocates Observe DAPA’s Original Implementation Date with Protests, Rallies

Six months after President Barack Obama announced his latest immigration executive action, the Deferred Action for Parental Accountability (DAPA) program's future remains unknown. To commemorate what would have been DAPA’s implementation date, Latino and immigrant rights are hosting events and rallies for the deferred action program that could result in a GDP increase of $164 billion by 2025.
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