FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler

Latina Broadcaster Says FCC Jeopardizing Her 'American Dream' With Exclusionary Spectrum Auction

Despite protesting and a filing court action to delay the FCC's spectrum auction because of an eligibility debacle, it looks like Latina Broadcasters of Florida will not be able to participate.

Sprint and T-Mobile Merger: Should it Go Through?

Sprint and T-Mobile look set to join forces in the coming amidst a telecommunications industry shakeup that will pit them against the juggernauts that are Verizon and AT&T. Is it such a good idea? Definitely, says this writer.

AT&T and DirecTV Deal Changes 2015's Spectrum Auction Landscape

AT&T announced Sunday that it intends to pay nearly $50 billion for DirecTV in a move that alters the landscape for the 2015 FCC spectrum auction.
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Exclusive: FCC Spectrum Auction Impact: Hispanic-Owned Businesses Should Create Online Presence Now, Says Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce

It is no secret that the rate of Hispanic-owned businesses and entrepreneurs are growing in the United States, but a reason why some firms struggle appear to be lack of wireless technology understanding.
Javier Palomarez, President and CEO of USHCC US hispanic Chamber of Commerce

FCC Spectrum Auction Impact on Hispanic-Owned Businesses: Congested Airwaves May Hinder Latino Firms

Texas has become a breeding ground for Hispanic-owned businesses and entrepreneurs, but wireless technologies appear to be a problem in targeting audiences and markets.
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FCC Says 2015 Spectrum Auction Isn't Just for the Big Guys

The FCC may be on the front pages for its take on net neutrality but agency regulators quietly voted in a rule Thursday for the 2015 spectrum auction that has major telecom companies AT&T and Verizon steamed. Why? They won't be able to buy as much spectrum as they'd probably like.
FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler

2015 FCC Spectrum Auction Reserve Rules Ruffle AT&T, Verizon's Feathers

A proposed rule that would reserve certain amounts of low frequency spectrums for smaller carriers at the 2015 FCC spectrum auction continues to come under fire from carriers AT&T and Verizon. Sprint and T-Mobile, they say, have chosen to dig themselves into their current holes and shouldn't get crutches.
FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler

AT&T Retracts Pulling Out of 2015 FCC Spectrum Auction

AT&T has stated that it will be a willing participant in next year's FCC spectrum auction after initially balking at proposed rules that would reserve certain airwaves for smaller buyers.
Masayoshi Son

Sprint and T-Mobile Merger Could Shake Up the 2015 FCC Spectrum Auction

A merger between Sprint and T-Mobile could set off a chain of events that change the rules for the 2015 FCC spectrum auction, according to recent reports.
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FCC Hints at Incentive Auction Aims, Freeing Wireless for Next-Generation Data and WiFi

The Federal Communications Commission just divulged some of their plans to free up wireless spectrum in the U.S. If successful, the FCC's plan will allow for more open airwaves that could lead to better WiFi, Bluetooth, and wireless broadband innovation, but setting it up is not an easy task.
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Sprint and T-Mobile Merger: Could the 2015 FCC Spectrum Auction Give SoftBank a Case?

A major wireless spectrum auction next year is set to shake up the wireless industry, and it could provide Sprint and its parent company, Japan-based SoftBank Corp., with a case for acquiring fellow carrier T-Mobile amidst concerns of further market consolidation.
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