Trump Urges Georgia Election Official To 'Find' Over 11,000 Ballots, Review Results

Trump OKs 2-Day Funding Bill To Avoid Government Shutdown

President Donald Trump approved a two-day funding bill on Friday night as Congress attempts to strike a coronavirus relief deal.
House Set to Vote on Wednesday to Prevent Government Shutdown

House Set to Vote on Wednesday to Prevent Government Shutdown

The House is scheduled to vote on Wednesday on a stopgap measure to avoid a government shutdown after current funding will expire this Friday.
Mnuchin and Pelosi

Senate Approves Stopgap Spending Bill to Avoid Government Shutdown

The Senate passed a stopgap spending bill on Wednesday to prevent a partial government shutdown at midnight.
Mnuchin and Pelosi

House Strikes Deal on Stopgap to Avoid Government Shutdown

House Democrats and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin have reached a deal on stopgap spending to avoid government shutdown Tuesday night.
Government shutdown

Threat of Government Shutdown Arises Due to Failure to Strike a Deal

Another threat of government shutdown emerges after talks failed to produce a deal on a stopgap funding measure to keep the government open.
ted cruz

Ted Cruz Downplays Government Shutdown Option Over Immigration

At the Americans for Prosperity conference, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, downplayed his political party's plans for a government shutdown over the immigration crisis.

House Democrats Arrested During Immigration Reform 2013 Protests: 8 Lawmakers Join Activists in Handcuffs

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi went up on stage and said, ""Let's get a vote on the floor."

28th Amendment Proposal Isn't Real, But Anger Over 2013 Government Shutdown Is

The government is shutdown, and many Americans are fed up with Congress. As a result, talks of a "28th Amendment" have been popping up all over the Internet. The 28th Amendment will remain on the Internet, however, because it is not real.

Immigration Reform News 2013: Despite Government Shutdown, Politicians Push Reform Bill

Democrats stayed on task with immigration as they announced a comprehensive immigration proposal

Ted Cruz Obamacare: Republican Senator from Texas Goes On 21-Hour Rant Against Health Care Law

Republican Senator Ted Cruz went on a mission on Tuesday: To "speak in support of defunding Obamacare until I am no longer able to stand"
Pres. Obama in Buffalo, NY

Obamacare Bill: Republicans Threaten Government Shutdown to Defund Healthcare Bill

Barack Obama called Republicans out, on Thursday, for compromising a government shutdown, and possibly causing a debt default, in their newest attempt to oust Obamacare.
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