Twitter Suspends Anonymous Account After It Names 'Random Citizen' As Michael Brown's Shooter

It seems Internet vigilantism didn't die after Reddit's Boston bombing-obsessed users pointed its fingers at an innocent student who was later discovered dead. This time it's the hacktivist group Anonymous publically pointing the finger at a person who may or may not have been the police officer who fatally shot Michael Brown in Ferguson Missouri.
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Anonymous vs. World Cup: How Much Damage Has the Hacker Group Done So Far?

World famous hacker group Anonymous made a promise earlier this year: it would disrupt the World Cup through #OpHackingCup. We're now almost one week into the tournament. Let's take a look at how much damage Anonymous has wrought.
Domino's Pizza

Hackers Demand Ransom from Domino's Pizza in Europe

Cyber criminals have struck again, only this time, they've decided to go through the gut. Hackers in Europe made off with 600,000 customer accounts Friday and threatened to release the data if their demands were not met.
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FCC on Cybersecurity: Service Providers Need to Beef Up Defenses

The growing threat of cybersecurity has drawn many new faces into the battle. It isn't just hackers and victims anymore — there are governments involved now, too. The FCC is the latest arm of the U.S. government to join the fray, offering to provide regulatory guidance to network service providers if they can't step up security for their customers.

A Year Since Edward Snowden: The Five Most Important Things to Know — Part 1

A year ago, Glenn Greenwald at The Guardian published the first of what would become an avalanche of leaks from ex-NSA contractor Edward Snowden about the U.S. National Security Agency and the modern world of digital surveillance and spying. Here are the five most important takeaways from a year that changed our perspective on our privacy in the digital age.

Threat Level Thursday: Google's Encryption Obsession and a W for the Feds

This week's edition has some good news: Google is pushing email and data encryption services and the Feds ramp up their cybersecuirty efforts...sort of.

Cybersecurity Concerns Deterring Online Shopping

Recent weeks and months have definitely put the fear of the hacker into American consumer, says a new report that shows U.S. shoppers have recoiled from online shopping amidst cybersecurity concerns.
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Threat Level Thursday: Cybercriminals Are Gaining the Upper Hand

This week's Threat Level Thursday brings pretty much nothing but bad news for anyone connected to the web.

Former Anonymous LulzSec Hacker Hector 'Sabu' Xavier Monsegur Released: FBI Informant Stopped Over 300 Cyberattacks Against US Government

He also implicated members of his former hacking circle
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Apple iPhones, iPads Hacked in Australia: Hacker Turned 'Find My iPhone' Security Feature Against Users

Apple users in Australia were hit by a massive late-night hack that took control of their iPhones, iPads, and even some Mac computers, demanding ransom to unlock the devices again. The "digital kidnapping" seems to be taking advantage of Apple's Find My iPhone feature, turning the security software against its owners.

Threat Level Thursday: What the Chinese Hacked From the U.S., Change Your eBay Password, and Congress Trying to Curb NSA

This week was particularly revelatory in the world of cyber security: the U.S. formally charged five Chinese military officials with cybertheft, eBay announced it was hacked, and it turns out the National Security Agency has been listening to some countries in Central America while the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill to try to curb the NSA's practices.
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NSA Training Cyberwarriors to Bolster Force

Cyberwarfare has been heralded as the coming frontier and you can be sure that the United States wants to be at the forefront. Enter the National Security Agency (NSA), which is training a new breed of cyberwarriors for use in the frontlines

PSA: Beware of Scam Calls From "AT&T" Claiming To Give You Money

From personal experience, and reports online, it's clear that the phone scam - purporting to be from AT&T and offering customers hundreds of dollars if they go to a specific website - is on the rise. Here are some details so you don't get defrauded, or worse.

Target Credit Card Breach: Positive Side is Increased Cybersecurity Dialogue

The massive Target security breach last December resulted in the largest theft of retail data ever in history, but is there a good side to it? Some seem to think so, and most point to the increased awareness and vigor concerning cybersecurity.
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Social Media Saturday: Twitter Keeps Trying, Instagram Beats Twitter, and Facebook's Turning Point

A lot happened this week in social media: while Twitter keeps trying to be more user-friendly, we found out that Instagram is more popular than Twitter with active smartphone users. Meanwhile, Facebook made a purchase that redefines the company's ambitions and some Pinterest users got hacked - and flooded with butt pictures. It's Social Media Saturday!
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NSA Leaks Show Facebook-Spoofing Malware Programs Expanding - Greenwald Report

Is that Facebook? Or is the U.S. National Security Agency pretending to be Facebook to install malware on your computer? It turns out, that's a question you might have to ask yourself.
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