In Ukraine Crisis, Looming Threats of a Larger Cyberwar

Cyber attacks between Russia and Ukraine have already occurred, but have reportedly been limited in scope. However, with the propaganda war ramping up and tensions increasing, a threat of a large-scale cyber war looms over the region, just as the threat of a ground war continues.

Apple Admits Its Devices Are More "Hackable" Than Expected

Apple appear to be down playing the seriousness of the iPhone's lack of protection.

How the Target Credit Card Breach was Discovered

It was revealed in December that cybercriminals had hacked into Target's database and made off with the largest cache of stolen credit cards in history. Here's how the heist was uncovered and revealed to the public, according to a recent New York Times report.

Target Credit Card Breach's Origin? A Simple Phishing Email - Report

Human error: what a big mess it can make. New details in the credit card breach that hit Target stores over the holiday shopping season point to a phishing email sent to Target's refrigeration contractor as the staring point of the whole debacle.

New Snapchat Hack Found by Researcher, So Snapchat Bans Researcher's Account

In recent months, young social media service, Snapchat, has been at the center of security scandals. Jaime Sanchez, a Spanish cyber security consultant for Telefónica, has just uncovered a new cyber security problem with Snapchat - one that can crash your iPhone.
2014 Sochi Olympics

NBC's Sochi Hacking Report Misleading, Says Computer Expert From Report and Others

After NBC News aired a report warning visitors to the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics that it will be "open hunting season" for hackers, security experts - including the one shown in the report - are saying the report is overblown and misleading.

Hacking in Sochi: "Not a Matter of If, But When"

Visitors to the Sochi Olympics will have their devices hacked, according to an NBC News report. And it's not a matter of if, but when.
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Revenge Porn Founder Hunter Moore Arrested; Who Was His Accomplice?

Hunter Moore, a 27-year-old internet pornography mogul who helped create a new, nauseating, genre of pornography - so-called "Revenge Porn," was arrested by the FBI and indicted on federal charges this week, along with an alleged accomplice.
China's President Xi Jinping

China's Internet Fail: China Blames Hackers, But the Truth Is Much More Ironic

On Tuesday afternoon in China, the internet effectively shut down for more than two-thirds of the country's over 500 million internet users and remained inaccessible for up to eight hours.
Windows Xp

Windows XP Dies This Spring, But Anti-Malware Support Will Persist

The end is near for Windows XP, but some aspects of Microsoft support for the virus-prone 12-year-old operating system will linger on for about one more year, according to an announcement from Microsoft.

Target Data Breach: 6 Other Retailers Targeted For Credit Card Data Theft

You may have been the target of cybercrime if you shopped at brick-and-mortar Target stores during the Christmas shopping season. But you might also be in danger if you shopped in six other yet-unnamed retailers, according to a recent report.
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Internet of Things, Refrigerator Hacked: The More We Connect, The More We Must Protect

Just as the "Internet of Things" (IoT) - the interconnected world of appliances, gadgets, medical devices, wearables, and media centers - was just getting off the ground, the first ever cyberattack on smart appliances took place this week, according to security service Proofpoint.

Starbucks Acknowledges App Security Flaw, But the Vulnerability Persists For Now

Beware, fans of Starbucks and fans of paying for coffee with your smartphone! A big problem has been discovered relating to how the Starbucks mobile app processes its data, and while Starbucks is working to fix the app, users aren't in the clear yet.
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The Perfect Time for Cyber Attacks: In a Mathematic Formula

Researchers at the University of Michigan have come up with a mathematical model that they say determines the most advantageous time for hackers to launch a cyber attack. The research could be used to help cybersecurity be on the alert at the right time and prepare for future attacks.

Snapchat Apologizes, Issues App Update with Opt-Out of Hackable Feature

After about 4.6 million Snapchatters' usernames and phone numbers were exposed by a hack of a security vulnerability that the young social media company was repeated warned about, Snapchat has issued an apology and an update to its app. Down? Server Disruptions at JPMorgan Chase, But Mobile Works

The websites for Chase Bank and the investment bank JPMorgan Chase went down Thursday morning. No word on whether this is a technical glitch or a cyber attack.
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