Weekly Roundup: 3 New and Unsettling Horror Movies You Need to Watch

Looking for a movie that can knock your heart out of your chest?

'Incarnate' Exclusive Poster: Horror film starring Aaron Eckhart by 'The Purge' and 'Insidious' Team

The poster to the new horror film "Incarnate" has been revealed.
Don't Breathe

Exclusive Interview with 'Don't Breathe' star Daniel Zovatto

Latin Post spoke to Daniel Zovatto about his latest film "Don't Breathe."
Goodnight Mommy

Goodnight Mommy Is a Nerve-Wracking Horror Film

For Audiences looking for a true horror film, "Goodbye Mommy" will not disappoint. For those looking for more than a scream, this will also prove satisfying and unforgettable. However, if you want cheap thrills, "The Visit" will prove to be a better option.

REEL SALAZARS 'Insidious: Chapter 3' Movie Review: A Predictable, But Ultimately Unnecessary Sequel

Perhaps the least shocking aspect of "Insidious: Chapter 3" is how poor a film it ultimately is. True to form, it manages to indulge in every horror cliché in the book, but does not end there. The film also fulfills the stereotype of the artistically-bereft sequel, a film so generic and inconsequential that it needs to hide behind a notable brand to have any sort credibility.
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