Protestors Support PM Maliki

Iraqi PM Maliki Resists Ouster as Western Nations, Iran Rally Around Abadi

Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki refuses to step down, despite the U.S., E.U. and Iranian support for prime minister-designate Haider al-Abadi.
ISIS in Iraq

ISIS Militants Seize More Iraqi Towns As Refugees Flee to Mountains

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria has made gains in Iraq, causing ethnic and religious minorities to flee the the mountains, where they face starvation and dehydration.

ISIS Militants Capture More Iraqi Towns, UN Warns of Humanitarian 'Tragedy'

Islamist insurgents from the Islamic State of Syria and Iraq have captured more towns in Iraq, prompting thousands to evacuate.
Iraqi Troops Fight Militants

Russia Supplies Iraq With Combat Aircraft to Aid in Fight Against ISIS Militants

Russia has supplied Iraq with combat planes to help the country fight jihadist militants who have seized cities in Northern Iraq.
John Kerry Visits Iraq

John Kerry Travels to Iraq, Holds Talks With Leaders as ISIS Militants Continue Takeover

Secretary of State John Kerry held talks Monday with Iraqi leaders about the recent militant takeover of many Iraqi towns.
Shiite Militias in Iraq

Jihadist Groups, Terrorist Network and Movement: ISIS Seizes 2 Iraqi Border Towns, Shiite Militia Marches Against Militants

Sunni ISIS militants seized two border towns in Iraq on Saturday.
Iraq Military Fights ISIS Militants

Iraqi Military Prevents ISIS Militants from Seizing Oil Refinery

While fighting continues to rage on between the Iraqi military and ISIS militants, the Iraqi military reported Wednesday that it drove the militants back from the country's main oil refinery.
Iraq Mosul Militant Takeover

Islamist Militants Capture Tikrit Following Their Seizure of Iraq's Second Largest City, Mosul

Islamist militants have captured the city of Tikrit, Iraq after the seizure of Mosul Tuesday.
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