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Indiana Primary Result Forces Ted Cruz to Abort Presidential Campaign While Trump Assumes Presumptive Nominee Status

The Indiana presidential primary provided some Latino groups a clearer picture of the general election as Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, suspended his campaign, which improves Donald Trump’s bid for the White House.
Ted Cruz

Polls Suggest Indiana Primary Results Tonight Could End Ted Cruz's Presidential Dreams

Indiana is home to 167,000 Latino eligible voters, and while not all of the electorate will turnout on Tuesday, the Indiana primary will still play a crucial role in Ted Cruz’s presidential aspirations.
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Hillary Clinton, John Kasich Score Endorsement of the Largest US Latino Business Group

The U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC), the largest Hispanic business organization in the country, has officially endorsed Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Party's nomination and Ohio Gov. John Kasich for the GOP's ticket.
Hillary Clinton

Primary Results for Latest Super Tuesday Could Improve Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump Odds to Party Nominations

Primary Results for Latest Super Tuesday Could Improve Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump Odds to Party Nominations
Hillary Clinton Ruben Diaz Jr.

New York Primary Results 2016 Shows Hillary Clinton Dominating NYC But Upstate Feels the Bern

New York favored its own on Tuesday as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were victorious in their respective presidential primary elections.
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Republican Voters Agree Donald Trump Should Be Nominee If He Gets Most Delegates

Republican voters overwhelmingly agree the 2016 presidential candidate with the most delegates should go forward as the GOP's official nominee, should all the candidates fall short of bagging the required number of delegates to automatically seize the ticket.
Hillary Clinton

Trump, Clinton Lead in Latest National Presidential Poll But Sanders, Kasich Run Best in General Election Match-Up

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are the clear front-runners for their respective parties based on the results of a new Quinnipiac University nationwide poll.
Bernie Sanders

'Western Tuesday' Results: Bernie Sanders Wins With Huge Numbers in Utah, Idaho Caucuses

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., had a good night on March 22 as he secured several dozen new delegates in his bid for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination.
Donald Trump

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton Maintain National Leads; GOP Voters Still Prefer Trump as Nominee

A new CNN/ORC national poll shows Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton maintaining comfortable leads in their respective battles to secure 2016 presidential nominations. Republican voters show little interest in replacing Trump as the GOP's probable nominee.
Donald Trump

Presidential Primaries and Caucuses: Trump and Clinton Lead in Arizona; Sanders and Cruz Favored in Utah

It’s another round of primaries and caucuses on Tuesday with more than 100 delegates up for grabs for each major political party.
Donald Trump

Trump, Clinton Hold Leads in Arizona, New York; Utah Still up for Grabs: Poll

Donald Trump has a double digit lead over Ted Cruz in Arizona heading into Tuesday's Republican primary and is locked in a tight battle with the Texas senator as the favorite among Utah GOP voters.
Bernie Sanders Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders More Popular Among Hispanic Republicans Than Donald Trump

Donald Trump has a less favorable image among Hispanic Republicans than either 2016 Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.
Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio Presidential Campaign Ends After Crushing Super Tuesday Florida Primary Loss

Following a crushing loss in his own state, Republican Florida Sen. Marco Rubio suspended his presidential campaign on Tuesday night.
Donald Trump

Trump Expands Florida Lead Against Rubio Ahead Sunshine State's 'Winner Take All' Primary

Donald Trump's presidential campaign could potentially hit new milestones on Tuesday as new polling data has shown the businessman threatening John Kasich and Marco Rubio's White House hopes.
Bernei Sanders Hillary Clinton

Sanders Pulls Political Upset Over Clinton in Michigan, Rubio Fails to Win Any Delegates

Bernie Sanders appears to have stunned the political world on Tuesday night as his campaign won Michigan’s presidential primary against Hillary Clinton. It was also a good night for Republican candidate Donald Trump.
Donald Trump

What You Need to Know For 'Super Tuesday 2': Hundreds of Thousands of Latinos Eligible to Vote

More than 100 delegates will be available for Republican presidential candidates on March 8's "Super Tuesday 2," across states where the Latino electorate is on the rise.
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