Latino Culture: To Celebrate via Virtual Concert Featuring Lin-Manuel Miranda, Gloria Estefan, Chita Rivera, and Thalia

Top Latin Artists to Celebrate Latin Culture via Virtual Concert

Latino culture and achievement in the theater will be celebrated in October through a virtual benefit concert that will headline top Latin artists, including Lin-Manuel Miranda, Chita Rivera, Gloria Estefan, and Thalia.
Book of Life

4 Best Kids' Movies Teaching Latino Culture Other Than 'Coco'

The Pixar animated movie "Coco" is not the only animated film that focus mainly on Latino characters and culture.
Advantages of Learning to Speak Spanish as a Second Language

Advantages of Learning to Speak Spanish as a Second Language

Read on to find out about learning the Spanish language.
Netflix Gentefied

Netflix’s Gentefied Renewed for Another Season

It seems we will be seeing more of the Morales cousins Mama Fina’s restaurant!

Different Ways Latinos Celebrate Birthdays: Quinceañeras and More

Parties have always been a big deal for Latinos, so it comes as no surprise that they throw grandiose birthday celebrations.

Growing Up With Latino Superstitions

Each culture has its own unique superstitious beliefs, but you'll know you grew up in the Latin community when you're familiar with these.
Employees operating at a coal mine

Iowa History Month: Celebrating the Rise of Mexican and Latino Influence

March is a time to march forward, but it is also the perfect time to look back at the rich Iowan history involving the Latin community.

Tasty Homemade Mexican Dishes Your Family Will Love

Try these homemade Mexican dishes that are much better than the ones at restaurants.
8 Authentic Mexican Snacks You Should Try

8 Authentic Mexican Snacks You Should Try

Try these eight unique and tasty, authentic Mexican snacks.

Latin American Museums Around the Nation

Latinos' experiences continue to grow in America and abroad; history's hand collectively grasps at information while generations of Latinos look to the past to uncover the traditions, practices and creations of their ancestors. For this, museums are perfect. They act as time capsules, and able to offer patrons polarized frames of existence. Salvador Dali's painting The Persistence of Memory and Gabriel Garcia Marquez's novel Cien anos de soledad (One Hundred Years of Solitude) solidify a time, a place and an experience, without an explicit announcement of placement.
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