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Diagnosing Bipolar Disorder: Demi Lovato Urges Latinos Seek Help While New Research Sheds Light on Diagnostic Tools

Everyone experiences sadness or momentary depression; however, individuals living with bipolar disorder experience extreme bouts of despair and sadness that can be dangerous. According to a new study, when comparing bipolar patients to "unipolar" depressed patients, their brain showed notable differences when attempting to regulate emotions.
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Disadvantages Put Tens of Thousands of Latinos, Non-Whites at Risk in Mental Illness Treatment

Exactitude isn't guaranteed when it comes to assessing the mental health of disadvantaged patients. If fact, disadvantaged patients are two times more likely to be misdagnosed.
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Latinos Make Up a Disproportionate Part of Hollywood's Key Theatergoing Audience

We've already seen that Latinos watch more streaming digital video that the general U.S. consumer. Now, the Motion Picture Association of America's newest study on moviegoers at the theater has found that Latino oversample in that arena, too.
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UN Children's Fund Study Finds Nearly a Quarter Of Latino Teens Don't Attend School

A United Nations report released earlier this week revealed that 20 percent of teenagers in Latin American countries between the ages of 11 and 18 do not attend schools.
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30 Percent of World's Murders Occur in Latin America and Caribbean

Latin America and the Caribbean, it seems, are two of the most blood-soaked regions on the planet. Statistics indicate that 30 percent of the world's homicides occur in the Latin American and Caribbean region.
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TD Bank Study Indicates Hispanic-Owned Small Businesses are Doing Well

According to TD Bank, which pegs itself "America's Most Convenient Bank®" and was named Money Magazine's "Best Big Bank in America" for 2013, more than half of Hispanic small business owners in New York City met or exceeded their 2013 business goals, despite the nation's rocky economic conditions.
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Hispanic Paradox: Latinos Live Longer When Facing Cancer

John Ruiz, Ph.D., assistant professor at the University of North Texas, Department of Psychology, headed new research which supports the existence of the pseudo-mythical "Hispanic paradox," a debatable phenomenon where poor Latinos experience health that's comparable or better than other ethnicities. The Journal of "Endocrinology and Metabolism" published a new study about poor minority patients being more likely to be diagnosed with late-stage thyroid cancer and living longer, which supports Ruiz's finding.
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