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Many Latino Influencers Believe English-Language Media Fails to Consider Latinos' Perspective in Reports

Among Latino influencers, the most important issue politicians should address is immigration reform.
Barack Obama

Obama: Climate Change 'Growing Threat' to All Countries

President Barack Obama is in Paris, France, to participate in climate change talks, an issue the Latino community has made a priority.
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National Latino Group Launches 'Unprecedented' Voter Education Push in Swing States

With Election Day 2016 now less than a year away, the call for Latinos to register to vote will enhance with a new education campaign, notably in key battleground states.
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Republicans Criticize Democratic Presidential Candidates on Climate Change's Link to Middle East Violence

The Republican National Committee (RNC) criticized Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley over his comments linking the Islamic State militant group and climate change, but his campaign was quick to fire back.
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GOP Needs to Work Twice As Hard to Win Latino Vote in 2016 Presidential Election, Says Latino Decisions Study

As Latin Post reported, the Republican Party has been making the effort to attract Latino voters, but one polling firm revealed the GOP needs to work twice as hard compared to the 2012 presidential season.
Joe Heck

Congressman Joe Heck: What Latinos Need to Know About GOP Candidate Seeking Harry Reid's Senate Seat

For U.S. Latino registered voters, the top issues include education, economy and immigration, and for Latino Nevadans, the next elected official with a complimentary track record. One politician who will engage for the Latino vote is Rep. Joseph Heck, R-Nevada, who confirmed his Senate bid to succeed Democratic Sen. Harry Reid’s seat.
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Amid Growing Latino Presence, Dominican Americans Seek Dominican-Focused Civic Advocacy Groups

While the Latino vote continues to gain momentum into the 2016 election season, candidates must remember the electorate is diverse, and one growing group is Dominican American.

TURNOUT: Civil Rights Activist Dolores Huerta: Latinos Will Be The 'Deciders' in 2016 Election, Analyzes GOP Candidates

Regarded as "one of America's great labor and civil rights icons," Dolores Huerta has dedicated her life to advocating labor and civil rights, and her work continues as the Latino electorate brave the 2016 presidential election season.
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Jeb Bush on Climate Change: Not 'Highest Priority,' Some Scientists 'Arrogant' on Debate

Based on Latino Decisions' polling data, Latinos have labeled climate change as a threat, but former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, a potential Republican Party presidential nominee, the topic should not be the highest priority for the U.S.
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Latino Vote Up For Grabs Despite Hillary Clinton's Name Recognition

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton confirmed her bid for the White House on Sunday, and her campaign is making the moves to court the Latino electorate.
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TURNOUT: Voto Latino President and CEO Maria Teresa Kumar Analyzes Latino Electorate in Midterms, Presidential Elections

The midterm and general elections have seen notable disparities with the Latino voter turnout rate. While efforts were made to engage the Latino electorate for the last midterm election, especially during the immigration reform debate, the numbers are reportedly lower than the 2010 midterms. Voto Latino President and CEO spoke with Latin Post about comparing the midterm and presidential election cycles and on mobilizing the Latino voter bloc.
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TURNOUT: Latino Decisions' Sylvia Manzano Explains Immigration's Impact on Hillary Clinton, GOP Ahead of 2016 Election

With a Latino turning 18 years old every 30 seconds, the Latino vote has become an influential electorate for political candidates, and Latino Decisions has been analyzing the constituency’s opinions even more as the 2016 presidential election nears.
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Immigration Executive Action Delay Affected Latino Influence, Turnout on Election Day, Says Latino Decisions

U.S. Latino voters felt less enthusiastic about President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party for the immigration executive action delay, and polling data suggests the wait resulted in Latino voters staying home for the midterm election.
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Latino Millennials Talk Economy, Free Community College & Immigration After State of the Union Address

President Barack Obama covered several topics during the latest State of the Union address on Jan. 20, ranging from the free community college program, immigration and notably the economy. Latin Post spoke with Latino millennials about the State of the Union on the aforementioned topics.
Cubans in Florida Held 'More Conservative' View for 2014 Midterm Elections, Slightly Favored Embargo on Cuba

Cubans in Florida Slightly Favored Embargo on Cuba, New Report Says

Cubans in Florida appear to still favor the U.S. to continue its embargo on Cuba, based on polling data conducted by Latino Decisions by #CubaNow.
Immigration Groups, Advocates Sound Off on New Deferred Action for Parental Accountability Program; What You Need To Know

Report: Latino Behavior on Economy, Health Care 'Optimistic' But Discrimination Persists

Despite negative events in society, Latino families have high optimism on life, health care and the future. Polling data conducted by Latino Decisions revealed Latinos, including immigrants, are also hopeful on many issues encountered in the U.S.
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