Latino Startup Alliance, Hispanicize Latino Startup of the Year

Hispanicize 2014: Interesante Wins the First "Latino Startup of the Year" Grand Prize

The winner of the first annual Latino Startup of the Year was announced on Wednesday. Interesante, a website and mobile app that helps Latinos "discover and share the most interesting things in the world" beat three other finalists and took home the grand prize.
Latino Startup Alliance, Hispanicize Latino Startup of the Year

Hispanicize 2014: Four "Latino Startup of the Year" Finalists Announced

The Latino Startup Alliance and Hispanicize are going to crown one lucky (i.e., innovative and hard-working) startup with the first ever "Startup of the Year" award, later this week at Hispanicize 2014. But at the beginning week, the four finalists for the competition were selected and announced.
.uno dot latin Shaul Jolles spanish language internet

Mainstreaming the Spanish-Language Internet: An Exclusive Interview with .UNO CEO Shaul Jolles

A new province of the World Wide Web intended for Spanish speakers launched Wednesday, March 19. The ".uno" domain, one of the Internet's new web address suffixes helping to sort out the ever-expanding web, is looking to become the one place for "El Internet en Español." We talked with Shaul Jolles, CEO of Dot Latin LLC, the company behind .uno.
Hispanic Chamber of e-commerce HISCEC

Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce Announces Growth Milestone, Four Months In

The Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce, which launched a business network last year to support Latino entrepreneurs, has announced that the Hispanic social business network has grown quite a bit in just a few months.
Small Business Saturday

TD Bank Study Indicates Hispanic-Owned Small Businesses are Doing Well

According to TD Bank, which pegs itself "America's Most Convenient Bank®" and was named Money Magazine's "Best Big Bank in America" for 2013, more than half of Hispanic small business owners in New York City met or exceeded their 2013 business goals, despite the nation's rocky economic conditions.
Latino Startup Alliance, Hispanicize Latino Startup of the Year

Latino Startup Alliance Announces Latino Startup of the Year Competition

The Latino Startup Alliance and Hispanicize have just announced a contest for Latinos in tech, awarding "Latino Startup of the Year" at the Hispanicize 2014 event to whomever wins the grand prize.
Juan Diego Calle .co CEO Latino Startup, website

Why ICANN's Explosion of Domain Extensions Will Help Existing Competitors of ".Com": Exclusive Interview with ".CO" CEO Juan Diego Calle

The internet is about to erupt with thousands of new domain name extensions, supplementing the familiar ".com" with new website address endings from ".company" to ".photography." Juan Diego Calle, CEO of ".CO", a preexisting domain focused on startups, tells LatinPost why he's not scared of the sudden increase in competing web suffixes.
Vicente Fernandez

Vicente Fernandez of Sportmanias Talks Start-ups & Sports

Sports dominate as one of America's greatest pastimes; the nation loves witnessing competitive physical activity that involve baseball bats, boxing gloves, hockey sticks, golf clubs, rackets and various sized balls. Spectator sports dominate Sunday, Monday and Thursday evenings, and hours go into fans researching and keeping up with their favorite sports teams and sports celebrities. Sportsmanias, an innovative twitter-based website, helps fans to better connect with their favorite teams and their favorite players.

"Bienviendo al Mercado:" Latinos' Difficulties & Successes with the ACA Healthcare Market

The Affordable Care Act (ACA), universally known as Obamacare, opened enrollment for insurance on Oct. 1, 2013. This came as a relief to low income individuals –- particularly members of the Latino community, which has the highest rate for uninsured adults in the county. In some states, more than a quarter of adult women don’t have insurance. In 2010, 30.7 percent of the Hispanic population is uncovered by health insurance, compared to 11.7 percent of the non-Hispanic white population.

2014: A New Era for Startups Beginning?

Ever since the recession, tech startups, and in particular Latino tech startups, have faced difficulties with finding funding, networking with venture capital, and simply getting their idea out into the market place, with less than 1 percent of venture-backed startups founded by Latinos.

Latino Startups to Look out for in 2014

Mark Clayton Hand, Oxford SBS Seed Fund co-founder, recently concluded a three-piece series on Latino startups, tracking some hurdles and high points that startups face as they move toward success.
Scrubbs Cleaning

Scrubbs Cleaning: Salvadoran-American Owned Business Does 'Domestic' Work with Purpose and Pride

Scrubbs Cleaning Inc., established in March 2013, was built from the ground up using hard work -pun intended. Often on hands and knees, scrubbing and grinding against grime, or perched high, wiping and dusting against grit, Devin Escobar, his cousin Evelyn Marcia, and her boyfriend, Oscar Azucar do this "domestic" work with purpose, pride and intention.

Latino-Centered Small Startups Often Face Difficulties

Research was recently done to investigate whether there were startups launching scalable businesses aimed to service the Hispanic community/ consumers, and surprisingly, there aren't very many.
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