Debunking the Myth of Monolithic Latino Vote

Debunking the Myth of the Monolithic Latino Vote

A recent article debunks the monolithic myth, stating that Latinos, like the rest of the U.S. population, are diverse in their political opinions.
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New York Primary Results 2016 Shows Hillary Clinton Dominating NYC But Upstate Feels the Bern

New York favored its own on Tuesday as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were victorious in their respective presidential primary elections.
Donald Trump

Presidential Primaries and Caucuses: Trump and Clinton Lead in Arizona; Sanders and Cruz Favored in Utah

It’s another round of primaries and caucuses on Tuesday with more than 100 delegates up for grabs for each major political party.
Marco Rubio

Super Tuesday: Marco Rubio, John Kasich's Last Hopes for the White House

March 15 is another round of presidential primaries for the Democratic and Republican Parties, and it could determine each party's nominee and the fate of Marco Rubio's political career.
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Many Latino Influencers Believe English-Language Media Fails to Consider Latinos' Perspective in Reports

Among Latino influencers, the most important issue politicians should address is immigration reform.
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Immigrant Rights Groups Launch Multi-Million Dollar Campaign to Mobilize Key Immigrant Electorate

A coalition of civic engagement groups have taken aim to politically mobilize millions of immigrant voters especially in three key states with prominent Latino populations.
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Latino Politicians Make Their Case for Clinton, Sanders for President

A week before the Florida presidential primary, and just one day before Univision airs the next Democratic Party debate, surrogates for Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton discussed their record on Latinos issues and immigration.
Ted Cruz

Super Tuesday: Ted Cruz Becomes First Latino to Win A Texas Presidential Primary

Ted Cruz became the first Latino, regardless of political party affiliation, to win a Texas presidential primary.
Hillary Clinton

Clinton Wins Expected Endorsement From Congressional Hispanic Caucus PAC

The CHC Bold PAC, the political and fundraising arm of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, endorsed former secretary of state Hillary Clinton for U.S. president on Monday.
Latino Organizations Demonstrate Against Donald Trump Hosting SNL

When Is a Latino No Longer a Latino? Research Shows Poll Phrasing Matters

A new look at an old problem in demography: when people no longer identify with their ethnic group.
Democratic Presidential Candidates Debate In Milwaukee Credit

2016 Presidential Poll: Can Democrats Secure the Latino Vote?

Although Latinos voted for President Barack Obama in both the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections in record breaking numbers, a new poll reveals that the Democratic Party may not have a strong grip on the voting bloc this time around.
Donald Trump

Is the GOP in Danger of Losing Latino Voters?

Despite Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio's strong showings in polls, the Republican party may be tarnished in the eyes of many Latino voters due to Donald Trump's success during the primaries.
Latino Voters Still Prefer Democrat Congressional Candidates During Midterm Elections, Based on Exit Polls

Latino Civic Engagement Groups Unite to Mobilize Millions of Unregistered Latino Voters

A coalition of national Latino civic engagement organizations have united to further engage Latinos to vote.
Carlos Lopez-Cantera

Republican Latino Senate Candidate Responds to Celebrities' Anti-GOP Letter to Latino Community

Florida Lieutenant Governor Carlos Lopez-Cantera wrote a letter to the Latino community in response to celebrities and advocates warning the electorate about the GOP.
Dolly Elizondo

TURNOUT: Latina Congressional Candidate Dolly Elizondo Hopes to Break Glass Ceiling in Lone Star State

There has never been a Latina from Texas elected to the U.S. Congress, and Dolly Elizondo is campaigning to break that glass ceiling for the Lone Star State while championing the issues of education and immigration.
Ruben Kihuen

TURNOUT: Mexican-American Ruben Kihuen Hopes to Bring Progressive Work Ethic to Congress

Although born in Mexico, Ruben Kihuen actually has been living the American Dream, and he’s currently campaigning to bring his progressive work ethic to the next level: Congress.
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