Latino Workers, Other People of Color Face Higher COVID-19 Exposure From In-Person Work

Latino Workers, Other People of Color Face Higher COVID-19 Exposure From In-Person Work

Latino workers, along with other workers of color, have been some of the hardest-hit communities since the early days of COVID-19 in the United States, and new studies shed light on the plight of these individuals.
Migrant Laborers Help New Orleans Re-Build

Latino Immigrant Workers Continue to Die on the Job, Study Says

The rise in Latino fatalities is especially seen among immigrant workers in three states. The same states noted a disproportionate share of Covid-19 cases and deaths among them.
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Latino Community in NC To Benefit From Executive Order Protecting Essential Workers

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper said on Friday that he would prepare an executive order protecting the state's essential workers, agricultural laborers, and personnel in meat and poultry processing plants, among others.
California Faces First Case Of

California Gov. Newsom Wants to Expand Protections for Essential Workers, Especially Latinos

California Governor Gavin Newsom wants additional protective measures for essential workers, especially Latinos who have been disproportionately affected by the coronavirus pandemic.
Based on research, of all Californians who are not qualified for unemployment insurance, more than 50 percent are Latinos.

Latinos Comprise 59 Percent of Californians Ineligible for Unemployment Insurance

Research found that Latino workers comprise 59 percent of Californians ineligible to receive unemployment insurance. Also, not a lot of them are benefiting from the government's CARES Act.
Groups experiencing the highest unemployment rates are the immigrant women and Latino workers.

Female Immigrants and Latinos, among the Hardest Hit Amid the Pandemic’s Massive Job Displacement in America

Groups who experience the highest joblessness rates are the immigrant women and Latino workers who, regardless of their birthplace, have below high school degree for education attainment or aged below 25.
A Tyson Foods employee puts on a second protective mask outside of the company's meat processing plant, which has been hit by a COVID-19 outbreak, in Waterloo, Iowa, US.

Latino Workforces Experience Discrimination over Spread of COVID-19 in Meat Plants and Warehouses

Over 10,000 meatpacking laborers, many of them, Latin Americans, the United Food and Commercial Workers union said, have contracted the virus in the US, and dozens of them have died.
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Reports Say COVID-19 Hit Latino the Hardest

According to experts, COVID-19 will lead to more suffering among Latin workers because of inequality in the society molded by structural racism and low-income jobs without any chance of telework.

Death on the Job More Likely for U.S. Latinos and Immigrants Than Other Groups

"Death on the Job: The Toll of Neglect," a newly published report, found that U.S. Hispanic/Latino workers are 18 percent more likely to be killed on the job than workers of any other racial/ethnic group. Furthermore, immigrants face greater risk.
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