Global CO2 Levels Reach Unprecedented Monthly Highs

More Green: Why Energy Efficiency Matters to Low Income Latinos, Urban Minorities

Energy efficiency in cities is more than an environmental issue for low-income Latinos and other urban minorities: it could help stretched family budgets.

Shocking Percentage of Latinos Admit to Doing These Outrageous Things Behind the Wheel

A new study found that Latinos are especially bad about distracted driving.
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Latino Entrepreneurs Are Rapidly Creating Startups But Why Is Early Funding So Rare?

Latinos are creating businesses at a faster rate than the average for entrepreneurs. But only about one percent of Latino-owned businesses receive the early funding so important (and common) to many average startups. What gives?
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White House Expands TechHire STEM Education Initiative; Is It Coming to Your Area?

Ahead of South by Southwest, President Obama has announced the expansion of the federal initiative to boost high-tech education in America called TechHire.
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Facebook Upgrades Tech Center for Latino Students, Partners With LULAC

The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) held an open house to celebrate and show off an upgrade to its San Francisco technology center at Mission Graduates, a result of the organization's ongoing partnership with Facebook.
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FCC Wants to Fine Telecom Companies $29M for Scams Targeting Latinos in Puerto Rico, Nevada and Latin America

The FCC is proposing a big fine against four interrelated telecoms that have been accused of "slamming" and "cramming" their customers, reportedly targeting Latinos with the scam techniques

Digital Divide: 'Under-Connected' the New Challenge for Low-Income Latino Families - Study

A new study from the Joan Ganz Cooney center, an independence research lab that focuses on modern challenges to children's education, has revealed that of all low-income families, Latino immigrant families are more likely to be under-connected or not connected to the Internet at all. More broadly, the problem of being under-connected still faces many families on the other side of the digital divide.
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How Microsoft Helped NBC Universo & Telemundo Take Latinos' 'Pulse' During SOTU

The State of the Union presented an opportunity for Microsoft to expand its reach with tech-savvy Latinos, as it launched the Spanish version of Microsoft Pulse in partnership with NBC Universo and Telemundo.
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Mobile Powers US Digital Latinos, But Latin America Is Becoming Next Mobile Battleground

Latinos have been the leading edge in adoption of mobile technology and smartphones in the U.S. since the beginning of the trend. Now Hispanics outside of the U.S. may take the reigns, as a boom in Latin America's mobile market is taking shape.
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Smartphones Outpace Computers with Millennials, Latinos Lose Mobile Trendsetter Status: Pew

This year's Pew technology device ownership survey marks a distinctive point in the market, with smartphones overtaking computers in popularity with millennials. It also marks a major shift in Latinos' long-held rank as top trendsetters in the mobile space.
Javier Garcia, VP and General Manager of Comcast Multicultural Services

Javier Garcia Engineers Connections Between Culture, Entertainment, and Technology

This September, Comcast updated X1 with software designed specifically for bicultural Latinos. Dubbed "X1 en Español," it introduced a Spanish-language version the X1 interface, featuring voice control in Spanish, and the X1's voice recognition can now understand a broad range of Latino accents.
OTT Streaming Attitudes Latinos, Horowitz Research 2015 study

Latinos Still Leading Digital Entertainment Trends, But the Gap is Closing

Latinos are still over-indexing as a digital entertainment audience above other ethnic demographics and above the general population as a whole. But the study also shows the gap between leading digital Latinos, and everyone else, is starting to close.
MiTú Network's Beatriz Acevedo, Marketplace

MARKETPLACE: Beatriz Acevedo's Key to Success with MiTú? Let Young Latino Creators Do What They Want

If you haven't heard of the MiTú network yet, you will. Starting as a collection of YouTube lifestyle channels aimed at Latino viewers in 2012, MiTúhas grown its reach across new and old media, as well as its audience and its influence, to become the largest Latino entertainment network worldwide.
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Más Mejor Hub to Bring Millennial Latino Comedy to Digital World

"Saturday Night Live" alums Horatio Sanz and Fred Armisen are teaming up to launch "Más Mejor," a Latino comedy hub designed to meet the millennial generation where they live: online.

Latino Millennials Are Most Valuable TV Consumers, and More From Hispanic Millennial Project

Latinos are the most valuable segment of TV watchers in the millennial generation, findings from a new study indicate.
Tim Cook at a special Apple event at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

Tim Cook Opens Up About iPads in Classroom, Apple's Part in ConnectED & Diversity on GMA [Watch]

On Monday, Apple CEO spoke to Good Morning America about the company's role connecting "99 percent" of students to 21st century technologies in the classroom. "I think technology has to be a key part" of public education, he said. "That's why we're here."
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