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Accenture Publishes First Diversity Report, Pushing the Movement Beyond Silicon Valley

Accenture published a detailed diversity report on Monday, becoming the first major consulting firm to do so. The results are in line with much of Silicon Valley, which means there's certainly room for improvement, but as with tech companies, transparency is the first step.
HITEC Hispanic IT Executive Council

Top Latino Tech Leaders 2015 Awards Announced by Hispanic IT Executive Council (HITEC)

In the past couple of years, it's become clear that diversity is a problem for Silicon Valley. But there are still bright spots in tech, and the Hispanic IT Executive Council's (HITEC) has chosen a select few Hispanic leaders in technology that are making a difference towards diversity and inclusion of Latinos in the high tech industry.
Bob Menendez

Sen. Bob Menendez Releases Corporate Diversity Survey, Says Latinos 'Grossly Underrepresented'

In an effort to expand diversity, U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez, D-N.J., released his report about corporate America's diversity. "We all deserve a seat at the table," wrote Menendez.
Marcelo Claure

Sprint and T-Mobile Merger Dies as Bolivian Marcelo Claure Named New CEO

Sprint has a new champion leading its Kansas-based wireless service, and he is 6-foot-6 from south of the border. The No. 3 wireless carrier in the United States not only dropped its bid for T-Mobile earlier this week, it replaced its CEO with a Bolivian billionaire.

Bias in Banking: Minority Business Owners Suffer More Scrutiny, Offered Less Help

When Latino and black entrepreneurs enter banks to secure a loan to jumpstart their small businesses, they are given less information, asked more questions regarding their personal finances, and are offered less help with their application than white loan applicants.
Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce introduced

Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce Launches DMWEBS: Affordable Website, Social Media Package for Businesses Building Online Presence

In effort to increase sales and build an online presence in a competitive marketplace, the Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce introduced "DMWEBS."

Richard Montañez: From Janitor to Executive

When Montañez was introduced to the possibility that he could be hired on by the Frito-Lay company, he was already aware that gaining that job could and would feed his destiny. At the Voto Latino Power Summit on April 12th, Montañez shared this story; the origin tale that led to his present day success.
Latino Startup Alliance, Hispanicize Latino Startup of the Year

Latino Startup Alliance Announces Latino Startup of the Year Competition

The Latino Startup Alliance and Hispanicize have just announced a contest for Latinos in tech, awarding "Latino Startup of the Year" at the Hispanicize 2014 event to whomever wins the grand prize.
Bill Gato, Latino Entrepreneur and now CEO of Hispanicize Wire

Latino Entrepreneur Bill Gato Reunites as CEO of Newswire and PR Company Hispanicize Wire

Latino tech and media innovator Bill Gato was named CEO of Latino press release distribution service Hispanicize Wire on Monday, rejoining the Latino-centric PR and wire service firm that he helped put together years ago.
Devious Maids cast

Hollywood's Portrayal of Latinos in Domestic Roles vs. The Reality of Latino Occupations

Latinos' characters in Hollywood films are designed contrary to the realities of Latinos and their lives off-screen. While there have been a few exceptions to the rule, on the most part, films continue to embrace stereotypes regarding sexuality, demeanor, aggressiveness, and occupations. Latinos frequently appear as housemaids, gardeners, nannies and a convoy of other domestics, and that's when they aren't playing drug dealers, drug mules and gangsters. Whether based in reality or not, films infrequently make the effort to show Latinos performing jobs that earn higher wages or contributing to society on a larger scale. Latinos are rarely seen as politicians, doctors, or CEOs.

How to Foster the Latino Entrepreneurial Spirit

Being an entrepreneur in an already competitive landscape may seem daunting to some, especially for many Latinos who aren't graduating with engineering degrees or start-up mentalities, but with a different outlook and approach, you can foster an entrepreneurial spirit.
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