In effort to increase sales and build an online presence in a competitive marketplace, the Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce introduced "DMWEBS."

According to the HCEC, businesses need to establish an online presence, but starting one may be difficult due to various factors such as investments and company resources. As a result, the Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce, which focuses on improving and promoting Hispanic-owned businesses online, introduced a service package with a number of helpful tools.

Known as, the website package grants small businesses the opportunity to establish a unique web domain, a three-page website and WordPress blog, direct linkage to social media networks, SEO features, and gives the owner full control of the website's content with a full year of hosting.

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"We have spoken with many small business owners who are frustrated by the difficulty that comes with launching a website and building an online presence -- or else they are disillusioned because of experiences they have had working with unethical Web developers," said Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce Founder Tayde Aburto.

The Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce's founder added that the idea of DMWEBS was to launch an "easy" and affordable online package for business owners. In addition, the online package will give the business owner "complete control" of the content.

"We have built a website template that offers a cost-effective solution for business owners without a website, a website template that has been designed with the intention to convert as many visitors as possible as clients," noted Aburto.

Social media networks will also be part of the online package as the Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce stated their team will build Facebook, Google+, and Twitter accounts for companies that have yet to establish a platform. The social media deal will also include advice on managing their social media profiles.

The entire DMWEBS online package is available for $600. According to the DMWEBS website, an initial payment of $300 can be made with the remaining balance due once the web package is completed. Businesses that partake with DMWEBS are also offered a premium membership with the Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce, which is valued at $240 per year.

Aburto added, "This is an affordable solution for small businesses that do not currently have a website but wish to get online."

The launch of DMWEBS comes after the social enterprise announced a new app and initiative for small business owners seeking to grow its online presence and communication.

In regards to the initiative known as "Collaborative Marketing," the Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce recognizes that a lot of small business owners have struggled to promote their online content either due to time management, lack of social media understanding, or time for it, to name a few. With "Collaborative Marketing," businesses are encouraged to follow the Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce's Twitter account, @HISCEC, and use the hashtag #Latinoic in all their tweets. The same hashtag and method can be used on Facebook. The idea of #Latinoic is to give exposure to the small business while other businesses use and encounter the same hashtag.

The Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce also launched an app that allows small businesses to promote themselves to the 12,000-plus business owners associated with the social enterprise. The mobile app, available on Apple iOS and Google Android devices, provides users access to calendar events, video galleries, direct line to connect with the association, marketing tips, and special content created by fellow members.


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