A national Hispanic small business association has launched a mobile app with the concept to improve communication and marketing.

The Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce released the app for its members to access its services while "on-the-go." The Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce has reportedly seen its membership grow, as a result, the association's networking capabilities have to improve. The app also allows businesses to promote themselves for free across the more than 12,000 business owners on the association's social media platforms.

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"The mobile app is a great tool to give members of the Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce a new way to promote their businesses via special discounts and pictures, engaging content that can helps them to build their brand recognition and new business," said Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce Founder Tayde Aburto.

The app apparently will also connect to over 9,500 businesses through the association's newsletter and showcase their products and services.

The mobile app also provides users access to calendar events, video galleries, direct line to connect with the association, marketing tips, and special content created by fellow members.

According to the Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce, a "great deal" of Hispanic family-owned businesses do not have an online presence despite the need to utilize better business and marketing resources.

"The Internet has changed everything," noted the association on its mobile app webpage on the Apple iTunes platform. "That includes the way we do business. From online shopping carts to blogs, from social marketing to a range of other online business resources, there are plenty of opportunities for business owners to boost their competitiveness via the Internet."

The Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce admitted that taking advantage of some opportunities can be "challenging" but their mission is to help its members use what the Internet provides. The association hopes to make the any method of communication easier with the app, which is also free.

The Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce app is available on Apple's iTunes and Google Play.


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