latino startup alliance LSA, tech entrepreneurs

Latino Startup Alliance is Going National with Help from Hispanicize

The Latino Startup Alliance (LSA), a non-profit founded to support Latino tech entrepreneurs get their startups off the ground, is joining with Latino PR and news wire Hispanicize to expand its non-profit organization nationally.
fcc tom wheeler net neutrality

Latino Journalist and Filmmaker Groups: Tell Tom Wheeler To Protect Net Neutrality

More Latino organizations are calling on the Federal Communications Commission to protect Net Neutrality, after a Federal Appeals Court effectively struck down the agency's rules that enforced the policy.
GE Building at Dusk, NBC headquarters

NBC Latino Shutting Down: Reactions From Latino Journalists and Columnists

Last November, NBC announced it was going to shut down NBC Latino, the Latino-focused news site that only launched in the summer of 2012. Early in 2014, NBC quietly closed NBC Latino's offices, but Latino journalists and opinion writers have had many things to say about it.
Bill Gato, Latino Entrepreneur and now CEO of Hispanicize Wire

Latino Entrepreneur Bill Gato Reunites as CEO of Newswire and PR Company Hispanicize Wire

Latino tech and media innovator Bill Gato was named CEO of Latino press release distribution service Hispanicize Wire on Monday, rejoining the Latino-centric PR and wire service firm that he helped put together years ago.
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