Legalize Marijuana

Mexico to Hold First National Forum on Marijuana Legalization

Mexico will hold its first national forum debating the legal use of marijuana on Jan. 26 in Cancun, an Interior Ministry official said this week.
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Senator Marco Rubio Avoids Marijuana Use Questions, Talks 2016 Presidential Run

Senator Marco Rubio doesn't think it's helpful to reveal whether or not he has ever tried marijuana.

Recreational Marijuana Use Becomes Legal in Uruguay This Week

Last December, the Uruguayan government passed a groundbreaking law that made it the first country in the world to legalize recreational marijuana use, and on Friday, after four months of hammering out the details, Uruguay President Jose Mujica announced the stipulations of the law that will go into effect May 6.

Medical Marijuana Ballot Measure And Constitutional Amendment Gathers Steam In Florida

Laws would regulate requirements for doctors and conditions of treatment

Mexican Marijuana Farmers Make Switch To Heroin As Pot Prices Fall

As marijuana prices have plummeted in the last five years, in part because of decriminalization in some states of the U.S., Mexican drug farmers in the remote valleys of the northern Sierra Madre have began to harvest opium poppies instead and distribute cheap $4 heroin to many rural areas in America.
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