Jon Huntsman

TURNOUT: Millennials 'Absolutely Critical' in Changing Political Status Quo, Says Gov. Jon Huntsman

A political movement with Democrats, Republicans and independents has been dedicated to change the status quo and insert new politics of problem solving, and No Labels co-chair Jon Huntsman told Latin Post about the need for change, impact of millennial voters and the upcoming “Problem Solver Convention.”
Vatican: Francis to Give Most Speeches in U.S. in Spanish

Millennialis, Hispanics Expected to Use Smartphones, Mobile Devices to Document Pope Francis' Visit

Millennialis are so tech-savvy and socially involved that they even use their smartphones and other mobile devices to enhance faith and inspirational experiences. Likewise, "plugged-in" Hispanics are expected to use tech and social media to document their experiences during Pope Francis' U.S. visit.
Michelle Rodriguez

Millennials and Sexuality: Third of Women, Men Under 30 Identify as Bisexual

While nearly just 16 percent of U.S. residents indicated they're bisexual, a whopping 31 percent of individuals under the age of 30 consider themselves something other than heterosexual, according to new research.
online voter registration

Online Voter Registration May Boost Tech-Savvy Latino, Millennial Voter Engagement

Online voter registration has become one of the most discussed topics among state legislatures as it may reduce cost and improve government efficiency but perhaps more importantly enhance Latino and millennial engagement.
Maria Contreras-Sweet

Small Business Groups Aim to Bridge Youth, Millennial Unemployment Gap

Two small business organizations have teamed to encourage and boost youth employment.
jeb bush

TURNOUT: How Jeb Bush's Family History and Latino Voter Outreach Could Boost His Presidential Bid

The Republican Party has garnered heat from Latinos for rhetoric and stance on certain issues, such as immigration, but the Jeb Bush campaign is hoping to change that as its Latino engagement is underway with early-voting states.

Hispanic Millennials Still Live With Parents Despite Working More

Economic recovery has been on the horizon for some time now: full-time employment is up, unemployment is down, and wages have corrected following the recession to meet the needs of young adults in the labor market. Nonetheless, millennials continue to take up residency with their parents, according to a recent Pew report. This is particularly true for many young Hispanics, who are "unbanked" or "underbanked."

Millennials on Target to Be Most Educated Group in History Due to Multicultural Youth: Report

Millennials are on target to be the most educated group in U.S. history, chiefly due to educational advancements among diverse populations and U.S. women. Also, multicultural students are swarming early age classrooms, despite failures to properly integrate students of different races and ethnicities.
Student Loans

Student Loan Debt Devastates Millennials, Impacts Economy

President Barack Obama has called higher education "one of the crown jewels of this country." However, U.S. students have garnered more than $1.2 trillion in outstanding student loan debt, and 83 percent of that debt, or $1 trillion, stems from federal student loans. This has had a deep impact on millennials and the economy.
Viral Wedding Photo

Interest in Marriage Dwindling Among Millenials: Report

While it may seem like each and every high school and college friend is lining up to march down the wedding aisle in favor of holy matrimony, new research reveals that millennials are showing dwindling interest in marriage as they age.
Pablo Manriquez DNC Democratic National Committee

TURNOUT: DNC Director of Hispanic Media Says GOP Candidates' Lack of Support For Immigrants Is 'Offensive' to Latinos

With the U.S. Latino population steadily increasing, they have become a necessary electorate for political parties to draw. While Latinos have been stereotyped to be liberal or Democratic, the Democratic Party is still making the effort to work for their vote.
Latino Voters Still Prefer Democrat Congressional Candidates During Midterm Elections, Based on Exit Polls

Iowa Millennials More Likely to Attend Democratic Presidential Caucus, Support Hillary Clinton

Millennial Iowa caucus voters are more likely to attend the Democratic presidential primary election caucus, based on polling numbers in the state.
Republican National Committee (RNC) Deputy Political Director Jennifer Sevilla Korn

TURNOUT: Republican National Committee Building Its Latino, Millennial Engagement Outreach for 2016 Election

Recognizing that 60,000 Latinos turn 18 years old every month in the U.S, the Republican National Committee (RNC) has been building its Latino and millennial engagement efforts ahead of the 2016 election.
Barack Obama

Latinos, Millennials Differ on President Obama's Job Performance

As he visits Germany for the G7 summit, President Barack Obama received a slightly higher job disapproval rating from millennials. Latinos, however, shared a different opinion than millennials.
Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Calls Congress to Fix Voting Rights Discrimination; RNC Calls Clinton Rhetoric 'Divisive'

Although Texas is projected to vote for the Republican presidential candidate in 2016, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton visited the Lone Star State to address U.S. voting rights and the "Republican efforts to restrict them."
immigrant immigrants protests immigration

US-Born, Foreign-Born Latinos and Millennials Support Pathway to Legal Status for Undocumented Immigrants

While the two major political parties remain divided about providing undocumented immigrants a pathway to U.S. citizenship, a majority of Americans have made their preference known.
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