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Millennials and Money: Difficulties in Job Searching But Personal Finances 'Fairly Good': Poll

From the Islamic State militant group, climate change and finances millennials have a varied view on the issues based on polling data from Harvard University Institute of Politics (IOP).
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President Obama's Approval Rating Improves Among Millennials, Latinos

President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party members in Congress received better approval ratings than Republicans based on polling data on millennials.
Florida Business Booming Thanks to Latinos

Millennial Labor Participation Rate Surpasses Generation X: Pew Research

Millennials, an American demographic comprising of 18-to-34-year olds, have become the largest generation share of the U.S. workforce.
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Millennials Divided: Split Opinion Toward US Judicial System Confidence Among Latinos, Blacks, Whites

Millennials are divided about the U.S. judicial system. Harvard University Institute of Politics' (IOP) "Survey of Young Americans' Attitudes Toward Politics and Public Service" found nearly one-in-two millennials "do not have confidence that the justice system is fair," and the topics of race, political party and income are major factors.
Rock the Vote, LULAC Officials Discuss How to Mobilize Latino Millennials After Midterms For Future Elections

Democratic Party Preferred Among Millenianials Ahead of 2016 Presidential Election: Poll

Harvard University Institute of Politics found millennials prefer the Democratic Party to win the 2016 presidential election in convincing fashion.
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TURNOUT: Latino, Millennial, Immigrant Entrepreneurs Play 'Enormous' Role in US Economy, Says SBA Maria Contreras-Sweet

Latinos have said job creation and fixing the economy is among their most important issues that politicians should address during the midterm election, according to Latino Decisions 2014 Election Eve Poll, and U.S. Small Business Administration Administrator Maria Contreras-Sweet has been helping Latinos enter into small business ventures.

TURNOUT: NYC Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito Discusses Effort to Mobilize Latino Voters, Says GOP Congress is 'Toxic'

The New York City (NYC) metropolitan area is home to the second-largest Latino population in the U.S., and NYC Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito has become one of the major figures on advocating the rights of Latinos, specifically the undocumented population and encouraging political engagement. Latin Post interviewed Speaker Mark-Viverito about immigration, Congress and mobilizing the Latino vote.
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Tap That App Tuesday: Robinhood, the Free-to-Trade Stock Market App Designed for Millennials

This week, we take a hands-on look at the new iOS app Robinhood, a unique, mobile-first take on stock market trading that's poised to be a big hit with millennials.
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Marijuana Legalization Popular Among Millennials, Including Republican Youth

Support for legalizing marijuana has increased over the years but most notably among Republican millennials. Legalizing marijuana is significantly more popular among millennials, regardless of political affiliation, but older age groups steadily show opposition to the concept.
Rock the Vote, LULAC Officials Discuss How to Mobilize Latino Millennials After Midterms For Future Elections

2016 US Budget: How Obama's 2016 Budget Proposals Impacts Immigration, Education, Grants and Loans

Developing from the "middle class economics" the from the State of the Union address, President Barack Obama released the 2016 fiscal year budget aimed to benefit hard-working families.
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Millennial Uninsured Rates Significantly Drop Since Obamacare Implementation

Citing the benefits of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the White House stated the rate of uninsured youths declined by more than 40 percent.
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Obamacare Second Open Enrollment: Week 10 Enrollment Sees Declines, Including Spanish-Language Services

The federal health insurance marketplace,, saw a decline in plan selections during its 10th week of the second open enrollment period.
Americans Register For Health Care On Final Day of ACA Enrollment Drive

Obamacare: 9.5 Million People Enrolled on Federal, State-Based Insurance Platforms During Second Open Enrollment

With less than three weeks before the second open enrollment period of the Health Insurance Marketplace concludes, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) revealed 2.5 million enrollees are mostly millennials.
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TURNOUT: Q&A With Laura Maristany, NALEO's Director of Policy, on Issues Facing Latino Voting Bloc

In this edition of Latin Post's "Turnout", Laura Maristany, the Director of Policy and Legislative Affairs for the National Association of Latino Elected Appointed Officials (NALEO), discusses the issues facing the Latino voting bloc.
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Latino Millennials Talk Economy, Free Community College & Immigration After State of the Union Address

President Barack Obama covered several topics during the latest State of the Union address on Jan. 20, ranging from the free community college program, immigration and notably the economy. Latin Post spoke with Latino millennials about the State of the Union on the aforementioned topics.
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TURNOUT: Rock the Vote, LULAC Officials Discuss How to Mobilize Latino Millennials After Midterms

Millennials represent the largest generation in the United States, and with a Latino turning 18 years old every 30 seconds, Latino millennials have become an important voting electorate. However, despite their growing numbers, mobilizing Latino millennials is a challenge on all political party's radar. For the launch of Latin Post's "Turnout" series, Latin Post speaks one-on-one with two leading and national organizations that are committed to mobilizing millennials to participate and vote.
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