Ahmaud Arbery

Three Georgia Men Indicted in Killing Ahmaud Arbery

Prosecutor Joyette Holmes announced on Wednesday that a grand jury has indicted the three suspects involved in killing Ahmaud Arbery last February.
Former Atlanta Police Department officer Garrett Rolfe

Ex-Atlanta Officer Faces 11 Charges for Killing Rayshard Brooks

Investigators found the accused officer failed to administer first-aid following the shooting. The district attorney's office also discovered the victim was held down and repeatedly kicked while he struggled for his life.
Police officers wearing protective equipment gather at the scene of a shooting incident in Darmstadt

Unidentified Shooters Attack Daughter of Murdered Mexican Journalist Despite Government Protection

Mexican authorities are being called to launch an investigation after unidentified shooters attacked the daughter of murdered Mexican journalist, Maria Elena Ferral, in broad daylight in Veracruz.
Mas Grave

Mass Murder: 25 Unidentified People Found Dead in Mexico's Jalisco State

Mexican law enforcement officials recently discovered a mass grave where the bodies of over two dozen people were found.
Bluebelle Ferry

Orphaned at Sea: Terry Jo Duperrault and the Bizzare Tale of Mass Murder Aboard the Bluebelle

An 11-year-old girl drifted in the open sea for over 90 hours after a tragic series of murders struck her ship.
Puerto Rican Flag

LGBTQ Hunted Down in Puerto Rico, Activists Criticize Local Officials' Lack of Action

Another transgender person was found murdered in Puerto Rico following reports of two other killings the previous week. The island now has five LGBTQ-related murders this year.
Howard Kip Evans and Doria Chavers

Two Florida Cold Case Murder Victims Identified After 30 Years

Authorities recently identified two homicide victims in separate Volusia cases after being nameless for 30 years. The man and the woman were identified after officials conducted DNA tests.

American Couple Killed in Broad Daylight While Driving in Mexico

A 32-year-old US man and his girlfriend were killed while quarantining in Mexico during the COVID-19 crisis.
People stand in line outside a shop near the dead body of a man who had collapsed on the sidewalk, during the outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), in Guayaquil

Missing Mexican Journalist Found Beheaded at Seaside Resort

A Mexican journalist named Victor Fernando Alvarez was found dead in the southern state of Guerrero on Saturday--more than a week after he was reported missing.
Slain man

Murder Town: Inside Veracruz, Mexico's Cartel War Zone

Veracruz is regarded as the deadliest town in Mexico as cartels continuously wage territorial wars against each other.
A member of the ‘Calle 18’ street gang covers his face while squatting next to a wall covered with graffiti in memory of their late members, at the prison in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, on May 28, 2013

Latin America, the Most Crime-Ridden Region in the World Is Suddenly Serene

Latin America, the most crime-ridden region in the world is now experiencing peace. According to reports, murder records have been reduced.

95 Homicides a Day: Mexico's Murder Rate Spikes Amid COVID-19

The homicide rate in Mexico reaches its highest peak in March amid COVID-19 since the country began tracking in 1997.
Crime Scene

Wave of Attacks: Mexican Cartel Assassinated At Least Six People

The Jalisco New Generation Cartel's Elite Group assassinated at least six people and made wave of attacks on Tuesday.

Latina Artists Remember Selena on Her 25th Death Anniversary

One way to reconnect with Selena is by remembering how she impacts people's lives. Three of Latin America's artists share how the artists influenced their lives.

Mexican Journalist Shot Dead in Broad Daylight

A Mexican reporter was shot and killed in broad daylight by two unidentified men on a motorcycle on March 30 in the city of Papantla.

Murder Files: 4 Most Notorious Serial Killers in South American History

Serial killers are some of the vilest creatures on earth. Here are five of the most notorious serial killers in South America.
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