Texas “Killer Nurse” Could Have Killed As Many As 60 Children

"I believe Genene Jones is an evil woman." Nico LaHood, the Bexar County District Attorney said.

Texas “Killer Nurse” Could Have Killed As Many As 60 Children

"I believe Genene Jones is an evil woman." Nico LaHood, the Bexar County District Attorney said.
Richard Rojas

Richard Rojas charged with murder after Times Square crash (VIDEO)

Rojas, a 26-year-old Bronx man is a U.S. Navy veteran discharged following disciplinary problems
Europe's Largest Halloween Carnival

Vampire Cult Killing in Mexico Promised Victim to be Next Dracula; The Satanic Rituals that Persist in Mexico

Are Vampire attacks the signs of Satanic rituals on the rise in Mexico? In reality, they have been there for a long time.
6 Killed in Year's 1st Massacre in Honduras

6 Killed in Year's First Massacre in Honduras

A mass killing in the central Honduran city of Comayagua left at least six people dead on Jan. 9, and the authorities believe the massacre is probably drug-related.
Belo Horizonte - Previews - 2014 FIFA World Cup

Homicides Among Brazilian Youth on the Rise: Report

Brazil, the largest South American and Portuguese-speaking country, has doubled the murder rate of its young in the past 20 years. Approximately 28 Brazilian children and adolescents are murdered every day.
Slender Man story

Wisconsin Preteens Motivated by Website to Stab Girl

Victim is fighting for her life.
Thomas Kroger

California Man Found in Freezer: Police Identify Dead Body; Victim's Husband Arrested

Police suspect that a 26-year-old Modesto, Calif. man murdered his husband and stuffed the body in an abandoned auto-body shop's freezer located in the state's Central Valley region.
Juan Elias Garcia

Suspect In Murder Of Mother, Son Surrenders to Nicauraguan, FBI Authorities

The man police suspect to have murdered a 19-year-old New York mother and her child in 2010 was arrested Friday, one day after being placed on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted list and surrendering to Nicaraguan authorities.
 deisy garcia

NYPD to Blame for Deisy Garcia's Death?

Months prior to her death, Garcia filed a police report explaining to the authorities that she feared for her life; and months later she would make a similar phone call. She reiterated details about her violent home life in her native Spanish, but because the domestic-incident report was never translated to English it was overlooked.
Charlie Hunnam

Final Season of Sons of Anarchy Has Plenty of Problems for Jax, Gemma

Going into the final season of Sons of Anarchy, a lot of the series stars are either dead or in jail.

Aaron Hernandez, Chris Brown & Ben Roethlisberg: Innocence Proven By Fame

Maybe there's something about success that breeds ruthlessness in some. The elevation into wealth, notability, and all its diamond-encrusted perks may very well turn a certain type of celebrity utterly rotten.
 Breaking Bad

Killing Latinos on 'Breaking Bad'

Breaking Bad, one of television’s most critically-acclaimed crime dramas, gained quite the reputation for violence during its five season stint. And, a great deal of that violence was inflicted upon its Latino characters. *SPOILER ALERT*
Baby Hope

Baby Hope Murderer Finally Brought to Justice 20 Years Later

Twenty-two years ago, a child who was nicknamed "Baby Hope," was found dead in the woods on the upper west side of Manhattan. After all this time, police were able to identify "Baby Hope" as Anjelica Castillo, and they were able to find her murderer.

Oscar Pistorius Trial Update: 'Toughest Sentences' Called for by South African Minister

Long gone are the days when South Africans viewed Oscar Pistorius as a role model and a national icon.

Oscar Pistorius Trial Update: Prosecution Highlight Blade Runner Temper, Use of Guns

Prosecutors in the Oscar Pistorius murder case are looking to shine light on the former track star's character, temper, and use of guns.
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