Latino Civil Rights Groups, Media Coalition Take Aim at SiriusXM Shifting Eight Latin Music Stations

A coalition of Latino civil rights groups is taking aim at SiriusXM for removing a majority of Latin music stations from its lineup.
88th Annual Academy Awards - Show

A Look at the Latinos Who Made it Big in Hollywood

Latinos have been steadily making names for themselves in Hollywood, both behind and in front of the camera.

How Unlocking the Cable Box Could Open Opportunities for Latino Producers, or Not

On Thursday, the Federal Communications Commission moved forward on an initiative that may revolutionize how consumers access pay TV, which could help Latino producers find their audiences.
FCC chairman Tom Wheeler Speaking at the Minority Media and telecommunications council on CSPAN

FCC Lifeline Modernization Urged to Overcome Digital Divide by NHMC, Congress Members

The digital divide -- the persistent gap between those who have affordable access to information technology and those who do not -- is among the many issues that the National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC) believes is holding Latinos in the U.S. back.
National Hispanic Media Coalition NHMC Partnership with Univision, Televisa

National Hispanic Media Coalition Teams Up With Latino Media to Boost Diversity

The National Hispanic Media Coalition announced this week it had created a new coalition with a few major Latino media businesses and organizations in an effort to boost Latino diversity in media and technology.

FCC Moves to Cap Predatory Prison Phone Call Rates

Everyone wants an affordable way to call loved ones, but for the millions imprisoned in the U.S., it can be a vital lifeline. But the deals some phone companies have made with prisons can make it prohibitively expensive for inmates to contact the outside world.
Michael Scurato National Hispanic Media Coalition Policy Director

Op-Ed: Historic FCC Open Internet Vote A Boon For Latino Entrepreneurs, Content Creators, Consumers

In a February 24th opinion piece, Jose Marquez, the President and CEO of Latinos in Information Sciences and Technology Association (LISTA), opined that Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Tom Wheeler's proposed Open Internet rules that would prevent blocking, throttling, and paid fast lanes online would, inexplicably, harm Latinos. The FCC is set to vote on these rules on February 26th.
NHMC internet Slowdown day

Internet Slowdown Day Hits as FCC's Tom Wheeler Hints at Neutrality Rules for Wireless

On Wednesday, Netflix, Digg, Reddit, Tumblr, and many others took part in an online protest reminiscent of the 2011 anti-SOPA action to protest against the Federal Communications Commission's planned new Open Internet policy and the "fast lanes" proposal associated with it. Meanwhile, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler hinted this week at expanding Net Neutrality-type protections to wireless broadband.

FCC Net Neutrality Debate Causes Split, Tensions Among Latino Groups

The FCC Net Neutrality debate has caused division between minority and Latino advocacy organizations, sparking a war of words between two, in particular.

Latino Watchdogs Call for Strongest Net Neutrality as First FCC Open Internet Comment Deadline Expires

Latino watchdogs and advocacy groups are putting a lot of pressure on the FCC over Net Neutrality and its proposed new Open Internet rules.
Google Doodle International Women's Day 2013, diversity,

Google Comes Clean on Lack of Diversity, NHMC Calls on More to Do the Same

Google released information about the diversity of its workforce, and the news isn't very positive. Most of the giant company's workforce is made up of white men. There is a positive side to the story though, as Google is at least acknowledging the problem with full transparency, which the National Hispanic Media Coalition says is the first step towards an "honest conversation" about the lack of diversity in tech.
Net neutrality, open internet, protests

Hispanic Advocacy Groups Call On FCC to Abandon Its New Open Internet Rules

Earlier this week, a large coalition of internet companies released an open letter to the Federal Communications Commission warning that its purported new Open Internet rules, ostensibly meant to protect net neutrality, actually "represents a grave threat to the Internet." Now a large coalition of interest groups, including some prominent Latino organizations, has done the same.
Don Sterling Controversy Draws Ire From Latino Community

Donald Sterling Controversy Recalls NBA Owner's Past Discrimination Against Latinos

The racially-charged comments about African-Americans allegedly made by NBA owner Donald Sterling have offended minority groups across the spectrum, but the controversy has also brought his past legal housing issues with Latinos in the L.A. area back to light.

National Hispanic Media Coalition Criticizes Possible FCC Open Internet Rules

The Federal Communications Commission will release a proposal soon to reinstate its Open Internet rules in a new form, after a federal court struck down the current incarnation of the FCC's net neutrality-friendly rules. But the new rules may not not enshrine certain net neutrality principals, leading tech watchers and advocacy groups, including the National Hispanic Media Coalition, to preemptively condemn the changes.
fcc tom wheeler net neutrality

FCC Rule Changes, Reexamining Media Ownership, Applauded by Latino Group

The recent row over the Federal Communications Commission's Open Internet rules, and net neutrality in general, isn't the only thing going on in the world of cable and its government regulator. Recent regulatory changes signaled by FCC chairman Tom Wheeler have been positive signs beyond the Open Internet kerfuffle, and a Latino watchdog is happy.

National Latino Groups Respond to Comcast Merger, FCC Plans with Optimism, Skepticism

With the Federal Communications Commission going back to the drawing board on Net Neutrality and Comcast recently announcing its proposed take-over of Time Warner Cable, the internet landscape as we know it is changing. National Latino organizations are reacting - with what could be described as "skeptical optimism."
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