US Holiday Retail Sales Pick Up 3%; Higher Than Expected as Online Shopping Surged

US Holiday Retail Sales Pick Up 3%; Higher Than Expected as Online Shopping Surged

Retail sales in the U.S. went up 3% over the 75-day holiday period compared to a lower expected forecast, according to Mastercard SpendingPulse on Saturday.
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Amazon is Liable for Defective Products, California Court Rules can be held liable for injuries due to defective products sold on its marketplace, a California state appeals court ruled on Thursday.
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Coronavirus Pandemic: Has a Trip to Grocery Store Become a Thing of the Past?

Nearly seven in 10 Americans think the normal grocery story run will be a thing of the past because of the coronavirus pandemic, a new research said.

Facebook Launches "Shops" Feature to Bring More Businesses Online Amid the Global Pandemic

Facebook recently launched "Shops", a new feature, that will bring more small businesses online.
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Top 5 Best Gaming Laptops on Amazon

The top five gaming laptops available on Amazon.
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Holiday Shoppers Prefer Convenience, In-Store Shopping Down This Year

Holiday shoppers prefer to buy things online using their smartphones and social media apps.

Digital Purchases Via Smartphones, Tablets Growing in Brazil But PCs Remain Popular Across Demographics

Smartphone and tablet adoption in Brazil has increased, as a result, the shopping habits by Brazilians have shifted.

Amazon Confidently Raises Prime Membership Price, As Its Competition Struggles

Amazon decided to increase the price of Amazon Prime on Thursday, leading to questions about whether or not the online retailer will lose customers from the margin-increasing move. Judging by how its competition is doing, Amazon might not have much to worry about.
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Hispanics Index Higher on Smartphone, Tablet Use for Local Shopping than Non-Hispanics in US, Says Study

Hispanics in the United States (U.S.) are utilizing mobile devices more than ever, and a new report suggests the demographic outpace non-Hispanics when it comes to shopping.

Latin Americans Shopping Online Hits New Heights in 2013 as U.S. Hispanics Adopting Smartphones, Tablets Grow

Latin Americans are reportedly busy shopping online than visiting physical stores in 2013 according to a new study.

Target Shoppers Save Money After Retail Giant Offers Discount

This Holiday season hackers took aim at retail giant Target reportedly stealing more than 40 million user accounts over a two week period.
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