Yadhira Gonzalez-Taylor

PALABRAS: Children's Lit Writer Uses 'Bifurcated Upbringing' to Preserve Puerto Rican Culture

Yadhira Gonzalez-Taylor, attorney and author of "Martina Finds a Shiny Coin" and "Martina and the Wondrous Waterfall," uses her "bifurcated upbringing" to create stories that preserve and hearten Puerto Rican culture.
Jennifer De Leon

PALABRAS: Award-Winning Author Jennifer De Leon Reflects Upon Lessons Learned as a Writer

Jennifer De Leon, educator and author of "Home Movies" and "The White Space" has always loved stories. Since toddlerhood, she's loved listening to stories, writing them and telling them, and while her parents weren't educators or writers, they were great storytellers, who easily articulated warm stories about their home nation, Guatemala.
Sergio Troncoso

PALABRAS: Author Sergio Troncoso Shares Incredible Truths About the Border and Storytelling

Sergio Troncoso, author of "From This Wicked Patch of Dust" and "The Nature of Truth," was born to a legacy of storytellers, writers and educators, and he was obliged to follow suit and tell incredible truths and stories through writing --even if his grandfather warned him against it.

PALABRAS: Cuban Author Yoss Discusses 'A Planet for Rent,' the Joys of Writing, and Cuban Economics

José Miguel Sánchez Gómez, author of "Timshel" Historia de Gladiadores" and "Los Pecios y Los Naufragos" is well-known around the island of Cuba as Yoss, a notable champion of science fiction and a leader of rock and roll.
Reyna Grande

PALABRAS: Author Reyna Grande's Books 'Humanize' Immigration Experience

Reyna Grande, author of the critically acclaimed memoir "The Distance Between Us," endured a desolate and deprived early life, filled with abandonment. But decades later, the award-winning author has used her story as a tool to transform her life.
Sheila Sheeran

PALABRAS: Sheila Sheeran, Author of 'Tu Peor Error: Materia Oscura,' Talks Benefits of Self-Publishing, Romantic Fiction

Sheila Sheeran, Spanish-language Puerto Rican author of "¿Te acostarías conmigo?" and "Tu Peor Error: Materia Oscura," was motivated toward authorship by her cumulative life experiences. Nearly 40-years-old, the daytime marketing executive borrows from her own life to fuel her provocative romantic fiction.
Cristina García

PALABRAS: 'King of Cuba' Author Cristina García's Writing Journey Marked By Personal Discovery

Cuban-born and New York-raised author Cristina García was inadvertently nudged toward writing by her diary-prying mother. However, it was her own investigation of expression and culture that led her flourishing career and the creation of her many grabbing works, including "King of Cuba."
Adriana Páramo

Palabras: Anthropologist and Author Adriana Páramo Examines the World Through Exploratory, Concerned Lens

Colombian-born author Adriana Páramo left her native country 23 years ago. Geographical exploration and global wandering shaped the way she sees the world and the way she describes it, and this has been made abundantly clear by her books, "My Mother's Funeral" and "Looking for Esperanza."
Maria E. Andreu

PALABRAS: Maria E. Andreu, Author of 'The Secret Side of Empty,' Gives Humanity and Identity to Immigration

When Spanish-born author Maria E. Andreu was five years old, she wrote what she thought was original stories. In retrospect, "Sleeping Beauty" as told by her wasn't quite an original composition. However, the young adult novel, "The Secret Side of Empty," which tells a candid and hard-boiled account of immigration, certainly is an original and powerful work.
Angela Cervantes

PALABRAS: 'Gaby, Lost and Found' Author Angela Cervantes Creates Diverse, Empowered Children Characters, Ties in Immigration

Angela Cervantes, author of "Gaby, Lost and Found," has employed her love of writing to pen the influence of friendship, animals, immigration and hope in the lives of children, by use of diverse and strong characters.
Rudy Ruiz

PALABRAS: Award-Winning Author Rudy Ruiz Finds Inspiration By Offering Slices and Snapshots of the Latino Experience

Mexican-American social entrepreneur and the award-winning author of "Seven for the Revolution" Rudy Ruiz depicts yearning and suffering on the page with purpose and intrigue, converting backstory and conversations into thunderous, nuanced stories. And employs his social interests to create a more conscious, original story.
Manuel Munoz

PALABRAS: 'What You See in the Dark' Author Manuel Muñoz Inspired by Hometown Dinuba, CA and the Art of Gossip

The quaint Central Valley-located California town Dinuba, with its unchanging landmarks and the conversational closeness of its residents, is a source of creative stimuli for professor and author Manuel Muñoz.
Helena Maria Viramontes

PALABRAS: Award-Winning Author Helena Maria Viramontes Delves Into Love and Chicanos' Impact on Los Angeles

Helena Maria Viramontes, critically acclaimed author and professor, reinforces the belief that fiction can rise from experience and personal understanding, amass amid the memories of generations of Chicano families raised in East Los Angeles, and grow around the fervor of familial love that only words can attempt to capture.
Carolina De Robertis

PALABRAS: Carolina De Robertis, Author of 'The Invisible Mountain,' Discusses Her Unique Immigrant Experience

"Perla," "The Invisible Mountain" and "The Gods of Tango" are fictional fragments of who Robertis is as a writer. Her attraction to exploring the histories of silenced, forgotten or marginalized voices is rooted in a need to offer underserved communities a place in literature. This is why she's chosen to dedicate her life to creating stories that have been kept private, but will resonate with the public.
Award-Winning Author Isabel Allende Discusses Relationships, Journalism and the Realities of Magical Realism

PALABRAS: Award-Winning Author Isabel Allende Discusses Relationships, Journalism and the Realities of Magical Realism

In this edition of Latin Post's "Palabras" series, the acclaimed, award-winning Peruvian-born Chilean-American author Isabel Allende reveals her journey from journalist to acclaimed writer, and discusses relationships and how magical realism inspires her writing.
Chicana Novelist, Poet Ana Castillo Discusses Poetry, Fiction and the Xicanisma Experience

PALABRAS: Chicana Novelist, Poet Ana Castillo Discusses Poetry, Fiction and the Xicanisma Experience

Chicana novelist and poet Ana Castillo who coined the term "Xicanisma" at a time when the lives of Chicanas were finally being formalized into writing.
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