Top 5 Best Mid-Range Smartphones of 2020

Top 5 Best Mid-Range Smartphones of 2020

Looking for a powerful smartphone that comes within a reasonable budget? Check out these 5 mid-range smartphones on Amazon.
Company Owned by Pablo Escobar’s Brother Releases a Foldable Smartphone

Pablo Escobar's Brother Designs Groundbreaking Foldable Smartphone

Escobar Inc. owned by Roberto Escobar, Pablo Escobar's brother, has released the newest foldable smartphone in the market.

Bored? Just Unlock Your Smartphone

Boredom has driven nearly half of the people to unlock their phones without even having an app in mind.

Xiaomi Redmi 3 Offers Big Battery for About $100

The new smartphone will only have a 720p display.

CES 2016: Lenovo Killing Off Motorola Brand of Mobile Phones

Motorola was the first company to create a modern cellular telephone, but the brand will soon be phased out. Lenovo is Motorola's parent company and will start putting their logo on future Motorola phones.
Acer Liquid Jade Primo

CES 2016: Acer and Nvidia Announce New Tech, Reveal Details on Virtual Reality Requirements

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) (CES) showroom officially opens to the public on Wednesday in Las Vegas, but the pre-show press conferences and announcements have already started.
AT&T Reports 81 Percent Rise In Q2 Profit

AT&T Ends 2-Year Contracts in January

AT&T is preparing to end its two-year contracts at the start of 2016.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S7 to Arrive in February in Two Sizes?

A regular version and an Edge version are expected.
IFA Consumer Electronics Trade Fair 2014

Smartphones Outpace Computers with Millennials, Latinos Lose Mobile Trendsetter Status: Pew

This year's Pew technology device ownership survey marks a distinctive point in the market, with smartphones overtaking computers in popularity with millennials. It also marks a major shift in Latinos' long-held rank as top trendsetters in the mobile space.
Pew study, latinos digital divide 2015

Latinos' 'Essential' Uses for Smartphones and One Persistant Gap in the Digital Divide

A closer look at recent research on the uses of smartphones belies the argument that smartphones are closing the digital divide.
latino, latina, smartphone, technology, internet

While Ahead of the Digital Curve, Many Latinos Are Also 'Smartphone-Dependent' - Pew

Latinos, especially upwardly mobile millennials, have been shown by many studies to be "ahead of the digital curve" when it comes to being tuned into cutting edge digital media, as well as smartphone ownership and useage. In fact, Latinos own smartphones at a rate that's almost 10 percent higher than the U.S. national average, as we previously reported.
OnePlus One, one of the best smartphones in 2014

Year in Review: The 10 Best Smartphones of 2014

As we approach the countdown to New Year's 2015, here's our countdown of the top 10 smartphones launched in 2014.

Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown Smartphone Kill Switch Law, But Could It Be Abused?

In response to growing smartphone theft in California, Governor Jerry Brown signed a notable bill Monday requiring all smartphones sold in the state after July 1, 2015 to come equipped with a "kill switch."
Amazon Fire Phone Hands On Review

Amazon Fire Phone Hands-On: Gutsy Innovation Ruined By Excessive Ecosystem Lock

Amazon's first smartphone, the Fire Phone, was released about a month ago, after a long run-up of rumors, leaks, and elapsed possible release dates. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos described the new device as putting "everything you love about Amazon in the palm of your hand," and he was telling the truth -- or at least half of it. In reality, the Fire Phone puts everything you love and hate about Amazon right up front.
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iPhone and Android-Users Can Now Open Bank Accounts From Their Smartphones

There are individuals who've not only failed to embrace online banking, but have yet to open a bank account at all. Lucky for them, opening an account just got a little easier in case they change their minds, because they can now remotely open an account from the comfort of their very own smartphones.

California Lawmakers Give Smartphone Kill Switches Thumbs Up

Lawmakers in California approved a bill Monday that would mandate "kill switches" on smartphones sold in the state. If the piece of legislation gets Governor Brown's blessing, it would make California the second state to pass such a law.
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