Paraguay and Peru Get Ready to Play Again in a Rematch From Friday

Peru vs. Paraguay: International Friendly Schedule & Predictions - Los Incas Look for Payback Against Los Guaranies

Peru plays Paraguay in a rematch from last week's friendly match which saw Los Guaranies defeat Peru 2-1 after breakdowns in the Incas' defense late in the game.
 Which Where the Greatest FIFA World Cup Games Ever Played?

World Cup Countdown: A Look at the 10 Best World Cup First-Round Games Ever

With the first round of the 2014 World Cup in progress, Latin brings soccer fans a list of the best first-round games ever played in knockout round World Cup history.
Hong Myung-bo

Russia, South Korea Square Off in Group H Matchup

It's no secret that Russia and South Korea have never really had the best relationship. These two countries will take to the field in their first game in Brazil in their quest for a World Cup Championship. Both teams feature head coaches with much World Cup experience.
 Belgium Looking to Emerge Victorious from World Cup Group H

World Cup 2014 Preview: Will Belgium, Russia, South Korea, or Algeria Get Out of Group H? [Watch]

As the 2014 World Cup looms on the horizon, Groups E and F have already been mentioned as Groups of Opportunity. Group H is yet another big group of opportunity as it features four wild cards in the tournament. Here is a look at how the teams stack up against one another.

Brazilian Man Has Plastic Surgery to Look Korean

After 10 surgeries to change his appearance, this 25-year-old says he has no regrets.
south korean navy

North Korea News: Tensions Rise Between North & South Following Artillery Shots

North Korea fired at a South Korean ship patrolling the Northern Limit Line.
Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un's Rumored Dead Ex-Girlfriend Shows up Alive on Television: Singer Purportedly Executed by Firing Squad for Pornographic Film

Last year, North Korea leader Kim Jong Un reportedly ordered the execution of his ex-girlfriend by death of firing squad; however, Hyon Song Wol, a singer in an all-female band, was seen alive and speaking on a television broadcast Friday night.
Soccer, South Korea

World Cup 2014 Analysis - Group H: Will South Korea Overcome European Sides & Return to Round of 16?

Korea Republic will look to continue building a solid World Cup resume in 2014. The Asian side had the fortune of being placed into a relatively inexperienced group and could emerge as the surprise favorite of its group. Can the team pull off the feat?
South Korean Prime Minister Chung Hong-won Announces His Will to Resign

South Korea Prime Minister Chung Hong-Won Resigns After Failing to Prevent Ferry Accident

Following the discovery of more bodies within the sunken ferry, South Korea's prime minister hands in his resignation.

Kim Jon Un Sends A Message to South Korea and the United States with Missile Launch

As a likely protest to the recent U.S.-South Korean military drills, North Korea has launched four short-range missiles off the eastern coast.

South Korea Launches Formal Protest Following Olympics Result

The South Korean Olympic Committee has submitted a formal protest

Families Reunited in Korean Peninsula After Spending Decades Apart; How Long Were They Together?

North and South Korean families were reunited after decades apart amidst growing tensions between the world and North Korea.
2014 Sochi Olympics

U.S. Olympic Medal Count Stands at 25 as Maddie Bowman Skis for Gold

Thursday had everything you can want in a Winter Olympics.

Ultra-Fast Google Fiber Internet Service Set to Launch in 34 More Cities

America may be at the forefront of innovation in some areas, but it lags behind a a bunch of Asian and European countries when it comes to internet speeds.
Victor An

Why Russian Olympic Speed Skater Victor An is Persona Non Grata in His Homeland

Victor An is an Olympic bronze medalist for Russia.
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