AT&T Drops Prices On Contracts, Data As Competition Heats Up

Competition heats up in the mobile marketplace

AT&T Drops Prices On Contracts, Data As Competition Heats Up

Competition heats up in the mobile marketplace
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AT&T Lowers Prices While T-Mobile Adds Data, International Texting

A lot of the pain in your wireless bill is being diminished these days, no matter what carrier you use. Perhaps in response to the threat of cheap, internet-based messaging services like WhatsApp, and definitely in competition with each other, AT&T and T-Mobile have just sweetened their deals.
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Sprint and T-Mobile Merger: Deutsche Telekom Planning to Stand on its Own

Sprint's support for acquiring fellow wireless service provider T-Mobile may be dwindling faster than it had hoped. Arguments that the two carriers can better compete with juggernauts Verizon and AT&T may lose steam as Deutsche Telekom AG, the owner of T-Mobile, is confident that T-Mobile can stand on its own.
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Sprint to Take its Case for a T-Mobile Merger to the Chamber of Commerce

Despite intense opposition from the U.S. government, Sprint will be taking its case for a merger with T-Mobile directly to the Chamber of Commerce March 11, according to a new Wall Street Journal report Tuesday.
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Sprint and T-Mobile Merger: Verizon and T-Mobile Testify on Opposite Ends

T-Mobile testifies for consolidation while Verizon Wireless defends the current market in front of antitrust officials.
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Sprint and T-Mobile Merger Still The Best Option Against Verizon and AT&T, Says SoftBank President

Sprint is facing some stiff opposition to a proposed takeover of fellow wireless carrier T-Mobile, but Masayoshi Son, the president of Japan-based SoftBank Corp. reiterated the company's desire to follow through with the deal during a quarterly earnings report Tuesday.
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Sprint Announces Loss and Customer Growth Amidst T-Mobile Deal Hesitation

Sprint, the third-largest wireless carrier in the United States, announced its fourth quarter results Tuesday, revealing that while it is experiencing customer growth, the company is still losing money.
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Sprint and T-Mobile Merger Could Take Longer as Sprint Reassesses Strategy

In what could be another blow for a proposed Sprint takeover of T-Mobile, Sprint executives are reportedly reassessing their game plan in light of opposition from both the U.S. Justice Department and Federal Communications Commission (FCC).
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Attack of the Clones: Court Orders AT&T's Aio Wireless To Drop Plum Color After T-Mobile Sues

T-Mobile and CEO John Legere have launched an all-out assault on the mobile wireless industry in the past year, with its industry-shaking "Uncarrier" initiatives and competitive pricing, but for Legere, AT&T has always been a special target. So Legere is probably pleased that T-Mobile has won a court decision prohibiting an AT&T subsidiary from using its color scheme.
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Sprint Close to Obtaining $45B for T-Mobile Deal Despite Government Hesitation

Despite mounting pressure against a merger with T-Mobile, Softbank-owned wireless carrier Sprint is reportedly close to obtaining $45 billion in debt financing for the deal from major banks, a DealReporter report revealed Wednesday.
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Sprint and T-Mobile Merger Hits Another Roadblock as FCC Chairman Warns Against Consolidation

The proposed Sprint and T-Mobile merger seems to have hit another roadblock in the government as Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Tom Wheeler has apparently expressed concern about any further consolidation in the U.S. wireless industry.

Super Bowl Ads Leaked: Why T-Mobile and Tim Tebow are Marketing Geniuses

Super Bowl Ads Leaked: Or Why T-Mobile and Tim Tebow are Marketing Geniuses

AT&T vs. T-Mobile: Company Rolls Out New Mobile Share Plan; Is It Worth It?

AT&T has been under pressure from upstart wireless company T-Mobile for the past year and has had to respond on several occasions - not always in the most graceful way. Now AT&T is showing it can not only respond to T-Mobile, but put pressure on the industry with its newly announced Mobile Share restructuring.
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AT&T vs. T-Mobile: AT&T Offers $100 Credit and T-Mobile Calls AT&T the 'Dark Side'

The soap opera that is AT&T vs. T-Mobile continues, as AT&T announced a new deal that offers both new and existing customers $100 in credit if they add a new line.
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LG G Flex \Made Available at T-Mobile on February 5 with Optimus F3Q

The latest announcement of T-Mobile will surely make all LG G Flex fans jump for joy. The rumored Optimus F3Q and flagship smartphone of LG G Flex will be made available by February 5.
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