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Smartphone Anti-Theft 'Kill Switch' Strategy Lures 'Voluntary Commitment' from Apple, Samsung, US Mobile Carriers

An international nonprofit membership organization with representation for the wireless communications industry announced its commitment to combat smartphone theft.
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Smartphone Kill Switches Coming in 2015: Some Say It's Not Enough

In the beginning of April, Samsung decided to allow users to access anti-theft apps, including a so-called "kill switch" for its Samsung Galaxy S5 on select carriers. Where Samsung goes (and where Apple pretty much already is with "Activation Lock"), so goes the rest of the smartphone industry.

PSA: Beware of Scam Calls From "AT&T" Claiming To Give You Money

From personal experience, and reports online, it's clear that the phone scam - purporting to be from AT&T and offering customers hundreds of dollars if they go to a specific website - is on the rise. Here are some details so you don't get defrauded, or worse.
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Sprint and T-Mobile Merger Necessary for Both Carriers, Say Analysts

A merger between Sprint and T-Mobile might not just be good for overall U.S. wireless market competition, it might also be necessary, at least according to some analysts.
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Why the Cincinnati Bell Sale Highlights the Case for a Sprint and T-Mobile Merger

Government officials are still wary of a Sprint and T-Mobile merger, citing consolidation concerns, but Cincinnati Bell's recent sale of its entire wireless spectrum to Verizon may help Sprint make its case.

BlackBerry, T-Mobile Update: CEO John Legere Issues Open Letter After BlackBerry Nix Licensing Agreement Renewal

T-Mobile’s CEO published an open letter to consumers following BlackBerry’s decision not to renew its U.S. licensing agreement with the fourth-largest mobile carrier in the country.
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iPhone 5s vs. Galaxy S4 Sales: Apple Inc. Dominate Smartphone Sales in Major US Mobile Carriers, But Decline Might Start

Apple Inc.'s iPhone 5s maintained its selling power, and it outsold all other mobile devices during March among the four major cellular carriers in the Untied States.
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BlackBerry, T-Mobile Deal Not Renewed: BlackBerry Ends US Licensing Agreement with T-Mobile

BlackBerry has announced it will cease its licensing agreement with U.S. mobile carrier T-Mobile.

HTC One M8 Released, Features Google Play and Motion Launch

On Tuesday, the world finally got to see the highly anticipated HTC One (M8) as HTC unveiled its new device to audiences at its London and New York conference.

Sprint Slashes More Jobs as Part of Restructuring Efforts

Sprint, the third-largest wireless service provider in the United States, shed a number of jobs and shut down a number of stores as part of a larger plan to cut costs and turn the company's financial prospects around.
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AT&T Gets FCC Approval for Leap Acquisition, Will Continue Cricket Prepaid Service

More big wireless companies are stepping up their prepaid offerings, and AT&T is one of them. Its acquisition of the country's largest independent prepaid wireless carrier, Leap Wireless, was approved on Thursday, giving AT&T a new tool in its fight against T-Mobile.
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Sprint Announces "Sprint Prepaid" With $45 Plan and Debit System Like T-Mobile's "Unbank"

Sprint wants to get in on the prepaid wireless action - more than it already is. On Friday, the company announced a new prepaid plan, including some lower prices, and some other cool new features.
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Sprint and T-Mobile Merger: Are Spectrum Assets Actually Convincing?

SoftBank Corp. chief executive and Sprint chairman Masayoshi Son has been on the offensive recently, having taken his case for a merger with T-Mobile directly to the Chamber of Commerce earlier this week. One of his arguments, that Sprint's spectrum assets lend itself to a merger, however, may not be so convincing.

Interview: T-Mobile SVP of Brand Communications DeLuca Talks Hispanic Trends in Mobile Market

Hispanics are interested in three main things from their mobile service: social media, video content, and streaming audio, says T-Mobile's senior vice president of brand and advertising Peter DeLuca. As the fastest growing population in the United States, Hispanics are becoming a key focus group for politicians and advertising firms alike, and DeLuca recently shared his take on Hispanic trends in the mobile market with Latin Post.
Masayoshi Son

Sprint and T-Mobile Merger Necessary for Lower Prices, Sprint Chairman Says

Sprint chairman and SoftBank Corp. chief executive Masayoshi Son made his case for a merger with fellow wireless carrier T-Mobile in Washington Tuesday, stating that in order for Sprint to shake up the stale wireless industry, it's going to need to scale up.

Sprint and T-Mobile Merger a Sure thing, Says T-Mobile CFO

Sprint looks like it may get some support from T-Mobile concerning a potential merger between the two wireless networks as T-Mobile's chief financial officer stated he believes consolidation is inevitable at a media, internet and telecom conference Monday.
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