Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory

History of Tesla Motors: The Car Company that Changed Electric Cars Forever

With its plan to “change the world of motoring forever,” Tesla Motors has never been very popular since it was first founded in 2003.
Tesla Motors Model S Autopilot TV spot

Tesla Shows Off How the Model S's Autopilot Will 'Revolutionize Your Commute' [Watch]

Tesla is showing off the autopilot feature on its Model S cars in what may be the company's first television ad, "Revolutionize Your Commute."
Toyota RAV4

Toyota-Tesla Partnership Reaches Crossroads: Japanese Company Has 2.4 Percent Stake, Bought Batteries for RAV4 EVs

Tesla announced that Toyota Motor Corp will end its multimillion dollar arrangement with the electric car company, which supplies motors and battery packs for the Japanese automaker's RAV4 models.

Tesla Motors Gets Small Victory, Can Sell Its Electric Cars in New York and Ohio

The electric car maker can keep its stores and continue sales in two states.

New Jersey Bans Direct Sales Of Tesla Cars; Company Speaks Out, Urges Gov. Christie To Change Law

Tesla Motors will stop selling its cars directly to New Jersey consumers starting on April 1 after the state ordered the company to comply with state laws, reports say
Tesla Model S sedan

Tesla Snubs California's Bid for $5 Billion 'Gigafactory'

Tesla Motors, a Palo Alto based motor company that has led the auto industry in eco-luxury vehicles in the last few years, recently ruled out California's bid to develop a $4-to-$5 billion battery factory that is projected to employ 6,500 workers.
Apple and Tesla to work together for an

Apple to Team with Tesla and Launch iCar?

Could Apple be looking at expanding it's expertise into the automotive industry. There are speculations that Apple may be in talks to acquire electric car maker, Tesla.
Tesla motors

Tesla Motors Enjoying Electrifying Rise in Stocks

The electric car manufacturer had a better year than anticipated and saw a rise in stock prices this past week, but why did it really happen?

The Rise of Tesla Motors Stock and How Elon Musk Will Grow the Brand

Tesla Motors isn't your ordinary car company.

BMW i8 Concept Car Hits the Road, But it Won't Be Cheap [PIC]

The BMW i8 sports car has been in development for years.
Tesla motors

Tesla CEO Elon Musk Won't Recall Model S Sedan Electric Cars After Fires

Three Tesla cars have gone up in flames in the last five weeks but company CEO Elon Musk shot down recall rumors this week and said that the headlines are making things sound worse than they really are.
Tesla motors

Tesla Motors Faces Criticism After Crashes Lead to Fires

Electric car company Tesla Motors is facing mounting criticism after the cars that were awarded the highest safety rating ever were involved in three crash fires in a six-week period.
Tesla motors

Tesla Motors & Model S Sedan Get AT&T Wi-Fi, High-Speed Wireless

Tesla Motors has made news headlines for all the right reasons in recent months

Tesla Sedan Drives Record Sales, Stock Price Hits $170 High

We give you the latest on what's going down with the premier electric car company.
Tesla motors

Tesla Sedan Drives Record Sales, Electric Cars Outsell Porsche, Jaguar, Volvo in CA

Roughly a week after Tesla Motors, Inc. announced that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration awarded its Model S electric car with a 5-star safety rating, reports have surfaced that Tesla sales have soared in California.
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