FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler

Charter Gets Time Warner Cable Merger Approval, But the FCC Has Some Conditions

Charter won approval for its proposed merger only if it agrees to some terms and conditions imposed from the FCC and Justice Department.

Google Testing 5G Gigabit Wireless Internet Beamed From a Solar Powered Drone in New Mexico

Forget "loony" weather balloons; Google is now testing the prospect of delivering high-speed gigabit Internet via solar-powered drones, if a recent report is accurate.
Paul Ryan House of Representatives

Federal Ban on Internet Access Taxes Looming

As Congress is rounding out its session for 2015, all signs point to a bipartisan agreement in both houses to permanently prevent state and local taxes on Internet service.
ITU 2015 report, Measuring the Information Society, global Internet access

Wireless Connectivity Dominates as 3.2B People Are Now Online: ITU

According to the International Telecommunications Union, 3.2 billion people are now on the Internet and wireless connectivity has become the dominant path for people to get online.
Russian Navy Submarine

US Worried Russia May Threaten Undersea Data Cables

Russian submarines and spy ships appearing near vital undersea data cables that carry massive amounts of global communications have U.S. officials concerned that the country could threaten to cut the lines in a crisis, crippling the backbone of most of the global Internet.
President Obama

Obama's Three-Part Attack on the Digital Divide and the New Paradigm of Universal Internet Connectivity

The Obama administration has taken several steps in the past few months to expand high-speed Internet connectivity to more low-income Americans, including many Latinos, who remain on the inauspicious side of the "digital divide."
FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler

The FCC's Latest Vote May Help Low-Income Americans, and Millions of Latinos, Get Home Broadband Internet

On Thursday, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to consider a plan that would modernize Lifeline -- a long-running FCC program that provides subsidies for phone service to underprivileged households -- to include broadband internet.
Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler

FCC's Tom Wheeler Confident Net Neutrality Rules Will Defeat Court Challenges

Tom Wheeler, Chairman of the FCC, expressed confidence late in the week after the first lawsuit against the agency's new, stronger Net Neutrality-mirroring Open Internet policy was filed.
Fiber broadband gigabit internet deployment

Deeper Than Net Neutrality: The Other Big FCC Decision This Week

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission voted on Thursday to adopt a strong legal foundation for new Open Internet regulations, which mirror the principals of Net Neutrality.
Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler

FCC Adopts Strong Net Neutrality Rules, Treating Internet Providers Like Utilities

On Thursday morning, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission voted on a new Open Internet policy, grounded by strong federal authority that treats Internet service providers similarly to utilities. Adoption of the new rules -- which prevent ISPs from blocking or slowing any lawful Internet traffic or charging companies like Netflix for faster delivery -- is considered a victory for Net Neutrality advocates.
Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler

Why The FCC's Redefinition of Broadband Is Huge

On Thursday, January 29, 2015, the Federal Communications Commission voted three to two to change the official definition of "broadband Internet." It's more than just semantics -- it's huge.

The Top Tech Stories of 2014 Shaping the Future of the Internet in the U.S.

This year, more than any in recent memory, we awoke to the realities of the problems and promise inherent in what has become our hyper-connected, 21st century lives.
Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler

The Latest FCC Net Neutrality Proposal Pleases None by Trying to Satisfy All

It seems Tom Wheeler can't catch a break: His latest attempt to charm both sides of the contentious Net Neutrality debate has seemingly pleased no one.

Pew: Internet's Future Faces Problem of Government Malfeasance

A new Pew Research Center report reveals that experts are mostly worried about government malfeasance.
Comcast CEO Brian Roberts

Comcast's CEO Defends Making Netflix Pay, As FCC Promises to Look Into It

In the wake of news that the Federal Communications Commission had decided to look into the issue of paid peering on the internet, Comcast CEO Brian Roberts took the stage at Re/code's Code Conference Wednesday. Doing his best to talk about anything but broadband, Roberts was forced to give his opinion about the issue.

Threat Level Thursday: What the Chinese Hacked From the U.S., Change Your eBay Password, and Congress Trying to Curb NSA

This week was particularly revelatory in the world of cyber security: the U.S. formally charged five Chinese military officials with cybertheft, eBay announced it was hacked, and it turns out the National Security Agency has been listening to some countries in Central America while the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill to try to curb the NSA's practices.
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