Retrospective: Why 'Spider-Man 3' Remains Franchise Low Point

"The Amazing Spider-Man 2" is likely to be the poorest grossing "Spider-Man" movie to date. But the film will also be remembered for another first: the film is the first "Rotten" film on aggregate review site Rotten Tomatoes. Every other Spidey flick has managed to maintain 60 percent approval rating from the critics thus far. Interestingly enough, this film is not the worst of the lot from an artistic standpoint. Far from it. That honor still belongs to "Spider-Man 3." Here are a few reasons why the Sam Raimi movie is still the nadir of the beloved franchise.
Marc Webb

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Willem Dafoe

'Finding Dory' Voice Actor Willem Dafoe Excited for 'Finding Nemo 2', Unimpressed by 'Amazing Spider-Man' Reboot

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